Full & Highly Secure Master Key Suites With Next Day Delivery


We like to try to make our customers lives a little easier by offering next day delivery as standard on all stocked products; however, we thought we could take this service to the next level by providing customers with a full and highly secure Master Key Suite next day.

After investing heavily in state of the art technology and highly trained staff, we now supply full and highly secure ‘off the shelf’ master key suites for larger commercial properties such as apartments, local authorities, hotels and sheltered accommodation.

The new ‘Off the Shelf’ Master Key Suites gives the option of cutting out the usual 3 day lead time that comes with a bespoke system from us or the average 7 day lead time elsewhere.

By opting for ‘Off the Shelf’, you needn’t worry about losing out on quality, we use our most popular sized BSi Kitemark and ‘Secured by Design’ aproved UAP+ Zero Lift Cylinders, so you can rest assured knowing that your doors will have Anti-Snap and Anti-Bump security.

As we use our own UAP+ Zero Lift Cylinders and on-site master suiting facilities, we can also guarantee stock, high quality and lower costs

UAP Limited’s MD, David Jennings, said: “We have decided to give our customers the option of an ‘Off the Shelf’ Master Key Suite to provide them with a more efficient service whilst still giving them cylinders that are high quality and sensibly priced.”

“By using the UAP+ Zero Lift Cylinders we are also ensuring that customers have that extra security on their doors and that they can be confident in the product.”

‘Off the Shelf’ Master Key Suites will include our most popular sized cylinders; however other sizes can be added to the range upon request. You will be able to order extensions if more cylinders are needed further down the line.

To find out more about our ‘Off the Shelf’ Master Key Suites contact a member of the Sales Department on 0161 796 7268 or Sales@uapcorporate.com.

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