The Big Giveaway!

It’s been a month of Mayhem at UAP Tradelocks…

Yesterday, some of the Tradelocks team jetted off to Las Vegas where they will be demonstrating the Lishi brand and other Tradelocks tools at the Just Cars Expo, so we’ve been busy preparing for a spectacular show in the USA!

Get in on the Mayhem at UAP Tradelocks with this great giveaway… ... read more >

Introducing Martin Pink’s Electric Pickgun – The Second Generation

It’s been a non stop success since the start for Tradelocks,  and this month marks the highly anticipated launch of Martin Pink’s Electric Pickgun – The Second Generation.

Striving for perfection, Tradelocks have worked with the most prestigious locksmiths and engineers in the security industry and combined their knowledge and skill, with valuable resources and quality sourced materials, to produce tools like no other on the market. ... read more >