The Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted Tools will Change the Way you Work

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After requests from professional auto locksmiths Genuine Lishi has redeveloped the Lishi 2in1 auto locksmith tools to pick and decode ignitions too. The new Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted tools feature the necessary extended blade to reach ignitions as well as the added patent pending “Anti-Twist Support Collar” assuring the strength to prevent bending or breaking. As with all other Genuine Lishi tools the 3in1 Ignition Adjusted is impressive in all aspects.


Developed for speed and precision you will be able to easily and quickly pick and decode any auto trunk, door, and ignition in under 3 minutes once mastered. With the fantastic option to extend the blade in just seconds you can interchange the tool to best suit your needs depending on what you are working on. TradeLocks works closely with Genuine Lishi to develop tools not only based on what they find to be useful and effective but based on what professionals are looking for to ensure that the lock tool is easy to work with, very effective, and improves speed. ... read more >

Why Choose TL Rim Cylinders Over the Competition?

When it comes to impressing your clients its essential to remember what they are looking for, an effective way to ward off intruders at the best price possible. The latest product from TradeLocks the TL Rim Cylinders offers just that with numerous high security features and options all packed in a budget price. Go beyond your clients expectations and offer them something that will help protect their front door at an unbeatable price.


Present them the TL Rim Cylinders with all of their fantastic features. Assure them that regardless what break-in method the intruder is using they will fail as they offer protection not only against picking but bumping and drilling as well. After intensive research and communication not only with homeowners but with professional locksmiths we have developed what we believe to be the best rim cylinder on the market. We have reviewed common downfalls of other products and upgrades that both locksmiths and homeowners are looking for and have redeveloped the standard rim cylinder to perfection. ... read more >

Peterson Tools Arrive at Tradelocks


Tradelocks have welcomed the arrival of over 120 different lines of Peterson Tools in what some have seen as a major and significant shift in Tradelocks trading strategy. Tradelocks are known for working with locksmiths and developing quality tools at low prices and also selling online their range of UAP locks and door products at low trade prices, so distributing the Peterson brand is an interesting move. ... read more >

Have You Received Your Free Tools from Tradelocks?

At Tradelocks, we are always looking to improve our offers, and make the buying experience different to every other website in the industry. In 2012 we launched our very successful ‘Tradelocks Rewards’ on This works similar to the Tesco Reward scheme or the Air Miles schemes where you collect points as you buy goods, and then use those points for free goods or as part payment for your next order. ... read more >