UAP Door Handles – They’re Out of This World!

When looking for the perfect door handle to use on your doors, there are currently many options available in the market. However there are very few door handles available that match the quality, security and price of the newly released UAP high security 2* Kitemarked door handles, which are available in both short backplate and long backplate versions. ... read more >

The FREE Genuine Lishi App – An Auto Locksmith’s Best Friend

Over the past few months, Genuine Lishi has rapidly expanded their product ranges, and took the market by storm with the introduction of the Genuine Lishi NightVision 3-in-1 tools, which are able to pick and decode car doors, trunks and even ignitions. What’s more is that these tools use special NightVision technology which lights up the tool at night without the need for torches or other light sources! ... read more >

Our Window Restrictor range is never ending with our new Fixed End Window Restrictors…

Recently, we have extended our Window Restrictor range by adding Fixed End Window Restrictors. These window restrictors are ideal for anyone that offers door and window security in their shop. Their design means that they cannot be unlocked by a user, making them ideal to be used in hospitals, schools, mental institutions and hotels, and for times when you what to make sure that the window will not be fully opened. ... read more >