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As a professional locksmith you will be faced with a variety of different-and difficult-obstacles, which need to be overcome with minimal disruption to your daily duties. Therefore, you have to be prepared for all inevitabilities and have the right general tools to hand, as this will put you in an extremely strong position.  You may not have to use general tools such as Burgess 5-Piece Mortice Key Opening Tools every day, but they do come in handy if a key has been left in a lock on the inside of a property. As far as general tools go, Burgess 5-Piece Mortice Key Opening Tools are simple yet essential, and are constructed from the finest stainless steel on the market. ... read more >

Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets- The Locksmith’s Friend

If you are a professional locksmith and really want to make a name for yourself in the industry, then you must invest in appropriate cylinder tools in order to guarantee success and cement your reputation. Here at TradeLocks, we offer a diverse and wide ranging selection of highly desirable and sought after cylinder tools, as well as more specialised options so that all bases are covered. If you have something specific in mind then just let us know as we will take any bespoke requirements into consideration. Shipping throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom, we supply quality lock tools for cylinders exclusively developed for homeowners in Great Britain and Ireland. Choosing the finest cylinder lock tooling on the market will set you apart from the rest of the competition and allow you to get a better return on your investment. It’s a win-win situation! ... read more >

1* Kitemarked Sacrificial Cut BLACK Euro Cylinder – Now In Stock!!!

black cylinder 2TradeLocks is a name which is trusted and respected by locksmiths around the United Kingdom and Ireland due to our affordable prices, unbeatable products and professionalism. Recently, we have developed an extensive range of revolutionary Black 1* Kitemarked Sacrifical Cut Euro Cylinders, which conform to the highest of EN1303:2005 standards. 1* Kitemarked Sacrificial Cut Black Euro Cylinders have been re-engineered from our original Zerolift cylinders, and they not only combine all of the attractive, customer-friendly features of the original Zerolift, but are also packed with even more functions, including: ... read more >

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JSaleNow that the holidays are over and it’s back to work, the January blues could start to set in, and so we thought that our loyal Tradelocks customers deserved an extra-special treat to celebrate the beginning of a brand-new year. 2015 marks the start of a fresh era, and the majority of locksmiths are more than likely deciding whether or not to stock up on new equipment so that they can offer their client base a diverse and wide ranging variety of services, tailored to suit all specifications. However, it is common knowledge that, after all of the Yuletide festivities, it is highly feasible that you will not have that much cash to splash, and must keep a close eye on your outgoings in order to ensure that you do not go into the red. ... read more >

May we Present…. the Versatile, User Friendly uPVC Door Opening Kit


The TradeLocks uPVC Door Opening Kit is designed for those people who need to gain lawful access to a domestic property, or who are just starting out in the locksmith trade. With simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, new locksmiths will be able to easily work out the most efficient way in which to enter a building, with minimal disruption. And we have recently made an educational and informative video (that you can see right here), which explains in detail how to use the uPVC Door Opening Kit effectively, so that it reaches its maximum potential. ... read more >