Clone Toyota® 80-Bit Transponder Keys with New Products from Keyline at Tradelocks

We are proud to announce the latest innovation from Keyline now available here at Tradelocks.

The Keyline TKG Kit will have you cloning Toyota® 80-bit transponder keys with ease. Fully compatible with the Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi (884 Decryptor Mini), using the Keyline Cloning Tool App, and also the Smart Cloner 90 Standalone (BI884 Ultegra), the latest kit clones Toyota® 80-bit transponder chips. These are contained in keys marked with a ‘G’ and are used for many Toyota car models. ... read more >

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Thanks to Tradelocks and Keyline


Let keys be cloned, from now on… with your brand new Keyline Cloning Machine and software.

It’s day 12 and our final deal is a corker! Get the Keyline 884 Decryptor Mini for just £199.00 + VAT. Or get it with either the standard Keyline Megamos software for just £224.00 + VAT or with the newest update, the Megamos Xtreme software, for just £679.00 + VAT. ... read more >

Tradelocks are Cutting Prices so you Can Cut Keys


The Ninja Vortex is just £6500.00 + VAT, down from £7495.00 + VAT. The Keyline Ninja Key Cutter is just £3999.00 + VAT from £5860 + VAT and the Ninja Dark Key Cutting Machine from Keyline is just £3250.00 + VAT, down from £3995.00 + VAT. Get unrivalled discounts on Keyline key cutting machines  – today only.

We really are showing our generosity this Christmas, and with just 1 more day of deals ledt after today we have upped the anti, giving you more then £3600 off these incredible key cutters from Keyline.  ... read more >

Tradelocks are Making an Impression this Christmas and you can Impress too

With one of our Mortice Impressioning Sets which are incredibly low in price for today only!

As a professional locksmith having the right tools at hand when on a job is key to getting it done faster, all the while impressing your clients with how well you are prepared. Tradelocks Mortice Impressioing Sets allow you to  impression the lock and have a working key which you can then duplicate in just minutes. Each set comes neatly organised in a sturdy, aluminium carry case. ... read more >

On the 9th Day of Christmas Tradelocks Gave to Me…

The Tradelocks uPVC Door Opening Kit at the remarkable price of just £64.99 + VAT.

You all know how it works by now! It’s the 9th day of our 12 days of Christmas promotion, which means we have an exclusive deal for one day only. Plus a little something extra. Be one of the first 15 people to order and you’ll also receive a FREE Nigel Tolley Plug Puller, worth £49.00 + VAT. ... read more >

Pick up a Pick Set on the 8th Day of Christmas


Today we have 4 incredible deals for you to choose from!

1) The 23 Piece Tradelocks Beginners Pick Set, now just £9.99 + VAT.

Learn how to pick like a pro! With this pick set you’ll be prepared for whatever a job throws at you.

With all tools stored and organised in a durable, compact, and easy to clean case, the set includes a number of pin tumblers and handpicks suitable for dimple, wafer, and auto locks. There are 3 tension tools and 20 different handpicks all with individual slots to stay keep things in place even when being transported. It’s very handy and  is compact enough to take on all jobs with you. ... read more >

Get Set this Christmas with the RPCP 3 Piece Set Deal and More!

Today our deal is for all domestic locksmiths! We are offering the RPCP 3 piece set deal, which was previously £249.00, for just £199.00.

The deal includes:

  • The Original RPCP Kit

Developed and manufactured using high quality materials the Original RPCP Kit from Chris Belcher is one of the most effective lock tools for opening British Standard Mortice Locks. It contains a 5G and 7G curtain pick as well as 3 double ended wires and a lollypop wire holder. This all comes packed in an attractive and durable case fitted with foam to keep all of the pieces in place. ... read more >

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas at Tradelocks!

It’s the 6th day of Christmas and we are half way through our fantastic ‘12 days of Christmas’ promo! Today we are offering the normally £125 + VAT, 12 Piece Professional Bump Key Set for just £59 + VAT!

Bump keys are widely used by professional domestic locksmiths and this 12 Piece Professional Bump Key Set is the incredible value for your money on a good day, but on the 6th day of Christmas it’s truly unbeatable! ... read more >

Get Selected Keyline Ho-Ho-Horseshoes on the 5th Day of Christmas


Its the 5th day of Christmas here at Tradelocks and today we have a fantastic deal on selected TK100 Keyline Horseshoes. 

Today only, the following horseshoes which are usually just £2.63 + VAT each or £2.25 + VAT when you buy 10 or more, are now an astonishing £1.25 + VAT!

The offer includes:

DAT17 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – SUB1U 
DH4R Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – DAI1SU
DW04R Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – DAE48SU
DW05 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – DAE47U
GT15R Keyline Horseshoe Key for TKM – FT1505U
HON41 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – HD70U
HU133 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – SU20U
HU43 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – VX4U
HU46 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – VX1U 
HU87R Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – SU18U 
HU92 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – BM2U
MAZ24R Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – MZ24U
HYN10 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – HY10U
HYN14R Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – HY14SU
NE38 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – RV4U
NE66 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TKM – VL17U
NE71R Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – RV3U 
SZ10R Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – SU14SU
SZ11R Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – SU17U
SZ12 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – SU15U
YM28 Keyline Horseshoe Key for TK100 – VX2U ... read more >

‘A Brilliant Saving’ on the ABS Opening Tool for one day only!


On the 4th day of Christmas Tradelocks gave to me ‘A Brilliant Saving,’ aka the ABS Opening Tool (not manufactured by ABS) at just £49.00 + VAT!

The ABS Opening Tool (not manufactured by ABS), guarantees access to the ABS 3* Kitemarked Cylinder, in just minutes, with little to no prior knowledge of locks.

3* cylinders are the highest rated locks and harder to get into then standard non-kitemarked or 1* Kitemarked locks. But the new opening tool which specifically tackles the ABS 3* cylinder, has been designed to undermine the dimple keyway that ABS, amongst others, have used. ... read more >

All I want for Christmas… is exceptional home security!

It’s day 3 of the incredible ‘12 days of Christmas‘ promo and today’s deal makes for a fantastic addition to any trade counter or shop. Lockable and fixed window restrictors are just £39.90 + VAT for 10!


Window restrictors have been designed to restrict the chance of falling from a window without restricting the flow of air into a home. ... read more >

On the 2nd day of Christmas, Tradelocks gave to me…


The KD200, a selection of B series remotes and all chip on board NB remotes at low, low prices!

We will be running our very festive ‘12 Days of Christmas’ promotion from now until the 19th of December and on each day we will reveal at least one product which will be on offer for 1 day only!

Today we have 3 very special deals for you. The KD200 is just £75.00 + VAT – that’s £70 OFF! B07, B06 and B05 remotes are now just £6.95 + VAT each and all chip on board NB remotes are just £9.95 + VAT each! ... read more >

Let the Countdown Begin! On the 1st day of Christmas Tradelocks gave to me…

… the Chris Belcher Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick at its lowest ever price – the first of our fantastic Christmas deals! Not sure why? Well the countdown to Christmas is on, and to help get everyone in good spirits we are giving customers a fantastic deal every single day, for 12 days, in the lead up to the holidays.


Starting today and ending on Monday the 19th of December, we will be running our very festive ‘12 Days of Christmas’ promotion. On each day we will reveal at least one product which will be on offer for 1 day only! ... read more >

The Genuine Lishi App – The ONLY App for the Auto Locksmith

Never be caught out on a job again! With the Genuine Lishi App you’ll have all the auto locksmithing expertise you’ll need at the tip of your fingers, and most importantly, it’s FREE!

If you have ever been on a job and not been sure which tools to use; or could have used some extra advice and assistance when using them, then this app is essential to your working life. Download the Genuine Lishi App to your smart phone to access a full database of tools, tutorials and reference materials to get you through a tricky job. ... read more >