30 Minute and 60 Minute Fire Rated Door Hardware – Keeping Fires in Check

With the recent lightening storms we have been having you wouldn’t be blamed for stepping back and thinking about just how well your door hardware would cope when faced with a fire.

 We have a range of fire rated door hardware that can resist the spread of fire for sixty minutes. The letterplates and door viewers come with an intumescent strip that expands against the heat radiated from a fire, filling any holes and preventing the spread of fire.

We have also just developed a range of Patent Pending 30 minute fire rated door hardware for foam filled composite doors. We were down at the Warrington Fire Research Centre a couple of weeks ago testing out our 30 Minute Fire Check Letterplates and they passed with flying colours.

When it comes to ensuring that your doors meet the proper fire regulations it is important to consider your door hardware, if something requires a hole to be created through the door in order to be fitted, then it automatically creates a weakness in a fire door. To eliminate this weakness we use an intumescent strip on our Fire Check products that expands against heat to fill these holes, preventing fire being spread through them.

We use an advanced intumescent lining that works at five degrees lower than others on the market, giving tenants more valuable time.

Improving fire safety doesn’t have to be expensive, the UAP intumescent strip is half the depth of our competitors at just 1.8mm yet it expands to up to 90mm – 50 times its original size! This gives us a huge price advantage that we can pass on to our customers.

With letterplates, an intumescent strip may not be enough, when a fire starts the heat builds up inside and conducts through the metal fixings or screws to the outside of the door. As the metal becomes increasingly hot, it melts the plastic of the letterplate frame which causes the letterplate to fall off, allowing the fire to spread.

Our Fire Check Letterplate provides a solution to this; non-heat absorbing washers are used to hold the attaching metal fixings, preventing heat transfer from the metal plate to the surrounding door. This means that the letterplate will be firmly held in place.

We also have a range of door closers that are size 3 and available in a silver or black finish and have a two valve adjustment to incorporate closing and latching speeds. These are essential for meeting fire regulations as front doors need to be self-closing.

For more information on our 60 minute Fire Check range and our new 30 minute Fire Check range contact Sales@uapcorporate.com or call 0161 796 7268.