A Fantastic NEW Tool Developed by Chris Belcher- Available Exclusively From Tradelocks

Offering greater control and a reduced end weight, the new CB LaGard 220. Designed with a sliding aluminium thumbturn instead of a bar, the CB LaGard 2200 gives users much finer control.0 Variable Tool & VMI (Variable Magnetic Indicator) is a must-have addition to the Chris Belcher range for manipulating LaGard 2200 safe locks.

This means the thumbturn slides along the picking stem so that operators are able to bring the thumbturn closer to the safe door face.  This, in turn, removes the ‘end-weight’, which can often adversely affect picking.

The thumbturn can be positioned where the user prefers. It features a built in pointer which is useful for indicating the position of each wheel. The pick comes with the VMI which enables you to plot your actions using the felt pen.


The unique make-up of the device also means it’s not affected by a worn key-wa
y. Very often, older locks suffer from badly worn key-ways, in fact in extreme cases the key guide [tooth] no longer exists within the entrance to the lock-case.

Once proficient, set-up time for the pick is minimal. All you need to do is check the handling of the lock and the wheels are in the start position.

Precision engineered, the tool is constructed of Grade 304 Stainless Steel with a thumbturn of Anodised Aluminium.

The time taken to open locks using the tool varies but is often between 5 and 35 minutes depending on the condition of the lock.

Complete with a CD containing instructions written by Chris Belcher himself, the CB LaGard 2200 Variable Tool & VMI (Variable Magnetic Indicator) is available via our website www.tradelocks.co.uk or direct from our sales team now on 0161 796 7268.