‘A Brilliant Saving’ on the ABS Opening Tool for one day only!


On the 4th day of Christmas Tradelocks gave to me ‘A Brilliant Saving,’ aka the ABS Opening Tool (not manufactured by ABS) at just £49.00 + VAT!

The ABS Opening Tool (not manufactured by ABS), guarantees access to the ABS 3* Kitemarked Cylinder, in just minutes, with little to no prior knowledge of locks.

3* cylinders are the highest rated locks and harder to get into then standard non-kitemarked or 1* Kitemarked locks. But the new opening tool which specifically tackles the ABS 3* cylinder, has been designed to undermine the dimple keyway that ABS, amongst others, have used.

It is a semi-destructive opening tool as it does snap some of the pins inside the cylinder. But, if used correctly, the original key should still work even once the cylinder has been defeated – leaving almost no trace of entry.


This tool is not manufactured by the makers of the ABS Cylinder or any company associated with the ABS Cylinder. 

This fantastic tool can be yours, for today only, at just £49.00 + VAT! Click here to order yours and we will see you tomorrow for more deals!