New Magic Tibbe Tool Will Change Lock Picking Forever

The new ‘Magic Tibbe’ Tool from Genuine Lishi will change how you look at picking car locks.

magic tibbe tool

This new tool from world renowned auto access manufacturer, Genuine Lishi, is set to make serious waves in the locksmith industry.

Tibbe locks are an immensely common car lock. Found on a wide range of vehicles, including Ford KA’s, Transits and even older models of Jaguar, a huge number of call-outs require the ability to pick these locks. ... read more >

POTW: Impress And Save Over £30 on Our Mortice Impressioning Sets!

Mortice locks are some of the hardest locks to crack facing locksmiths today

With a difficult and intricate lever mechanism, picking this type of lock can often end in a waste of time and a serious amount of frustration. However, with our full range of Mortice Impressioning Sets, you can ensure that cracking these tricky pieces of hardware for your customers is a breeze.

As a professional locksmith, having the right tools at hand when on a job is key to getting it done faster. ... read more >

POTW: Up to 58% Off The Best Euro Cylinder Opening Tools In The World

At Tradelocks, we’re committed to helping customers save money on premium quality equipment. That’s why, until Thursday the 18th of May, we’re offering serious savings on some of the best Euro Cylinder Opening Tools available on the market today, including our ABS Spec Cylinder Opening Tool, Chris Belcher Super Snapper, Tradelocks Generation 4 Electric Pick Gun Set and Twin Pack of Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders. ... read more >

Week 6: Rosemary & Garlic Olive Oil – Tradelocks Summer Oil Promotion


From July 13th to August 21st, Tradelocks will be giving away one Free bottle of Oil or Balsamic every week FREE OF CHARGE on every order over £150+VAT!

Week 6 – Rosemary & Garlic Olive Oil
Monday 17th August – Sunday 23rd August 2015


Each week there we will also send you a different recipe to try with each oil or balsamic.

If you fancy getting creative in the kitchen, submit your own recipe to us using the oils and balsamics, and your recipe could feature in our 2016 calendar. If your recipe makes it into our calendar, you will win yourself a 100 year old bottle of balsamic!
So get your thinking caps on, and submit your recipes to! ... read more >

Newly Updated Genuine Lishi Training Kit

lishi manual 2

Genuine Lishi tools are renowned Worldwide as the leading brand in auto locksmith tools. Backed by an unrivalled lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults, you know that when you order a Genuine Lishi tool, you are getting guaranteed quality, durability and manufacturing with care and precision. From Genuine Lishi 3 in 1 tools; picks; decoders; Tibbe Picks and the brand new Patented Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tools, Genuine Lishi offers a huge variety of tools to cover a majority of vehicle makes and models. ... read more >

Week 5: Caramelised Onion Balsamic – Tradelocks Summer Oil Promotion


From July 13th to August 21st, Tradelocks will be giving away one Free bottle of Oil or Balsamic every week FREE OF CHARGE on every order over £150+VAT!

Week 5 – Caramelised Onion Balsamic
Monday 10th August – Sunday 16th August 2015


Each week there we will also send you a different recipe to try with each oil or balsamic.

If you fancy getting creative in the kitchen, submit your own recipe to us using the oils and balsamics, and your recipe could feature in our 2016 calendar. If your recipe makes it into our calendar, you will win yourself a 100 year old bottle of balsamic!
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Week 4: 3D Sculptured Oil Organiser Tray


From July 13th to August 21st, Tradelocks will be giving away one Free bottle of Oil or Balsamic every week FREE OF CHARGE on every order over £150+VAT!

Week 4 – 3D Sculptured Oil Organiser Tray
Monday 3rd August – Sunday 9th August 2015

oil tray

Designed by UAP’s award winning R&D manager, John McLoughlin:


The brief was to create a design to organise and present the range of prestigious olive oils being offered to loyal customers. It had to be “special,” just as UAP’s customers are special.Though the lyrics of the old song, “Ten Green Bottles” tell us they were “standing in a row,” John wanted to show them proudly, rather than just line them up. In any case, there were to be five, not ten and he certainly did NOT want them to “accidentally fall.” ... read more >

Week 3: Cranberry & Orange Balsamic – Tradelocks Summer Oil Promotion


From July 13th to August 21st, Tradelocks will be giving away one Free bottle of Oil or Balsamic every week FREE OF CHARGE on every order over £150+VAT!

Week 3 – Cranberry & Orange Balsamic
Monday 27th July – Sunday 2nd August 2015


Each week there we will also send you a different recipe to try with each oil or balsamic.

If you fancy getting creative in the kitchen, submit your own recipe to us using the oils and balsamics, and your recipe could feature in our 2016 calendar. If your recipe makes it into our calendar, you will win yourself a 100 year old bottle of balsamic!
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Week 2: Chilli & Garlic Olive Oil – Tradelocks Summer Oil Promotion


From July 13th to August 21st, Tradelocks will be giving away one Free bottle of Oil or Balsamic every week FREE OF CHARGE on every order over £150+VAT!

Week 2 – Chilli & Garlic Olive Oil
Monday 20th July – Sunday 26th July 2015


Each week there we will also send you a different recipe to try with each oil or balsamic.

If you fancy getting creative in the kitchen, submit your own recipe to us using the oils and balsamics, and your recipe could feature in our 2016 calendar. If your recipe makes it into our calendar, you will win yourself a 100 year old bottle of balsamic!
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Week 1: Lemon Olive Oil – Tradelocks Summer Oil Promotion


From July 13th to August 21st, Tradelocks will be giving away one Free bottle of Oil or Balsamic every week FREE OF CHARGE on every order over £150+VAT!

Week 1 – Lemon Olive Oil
Monday 13th July – Sunday 19th July 2015


Each week there we will also send you a different recipe to try with each oil or balsamic.
If you fancy getting creative in the kitchen, submit your own recipe to us using the oils and balsamics, and your recipe could feature in our 2016 calendar. If your recipe makes it into our calendar, you will win yourself a 100 year old bottle of balsamic!
So get your thinking caps on, and submit your recipes to! ... read more >

Tradelocks Summer Oil Promotion


Here at Tradelocks, we constantly strive to update and renovate our catalogue of exceptional products and aim to offer only the finest locksmith tools available on the market. Our incomparable merchandise is contemporary, fresh and current, and this is why we have decided to team up with The Gift of Oil, as their main emphasis is also on affordability, originality and excellence. ... read more >

Introducing…The Incredible Ninja Dark Key Cutting Machine!

ninja dark 1

If you want to remain one step ahead of the competition then it is important to stay aware of ever changing modes and trends, and introduce new products on a regular basis. Here at TradeLocks, we concentrate on product innovation and constantly look at ways in which we can expand and upgrade our range of locksmith tools. And we are pleased to announce that we have already added another amazing key cutter to our already impressive collection of quality equipment! May we introduce the incredible Ninja Dark Key Cutting Machine! ... read more >

Unbeatable Deals on Keyline Key Cutting Machines at the TradeLocks Open Weekend!

carat 8

With less than 3 weeks to go before the eagerly anticipated TradeLocks Open Weekend on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June we are now giving you the golden opportunity to come on down to our impressive, spacious warehouses in Manchester and get hands-on with the finest equipment on the market. Practical demonstrations will be carried out by some of the industry’s top locksmiths, who specialise in both domestic and auto locksmithing.  And we can 100% guarantee that our fantastic Keyline Key Cutting Machines will be a huge hit, especially when you factor into the equation that they are available at heavily discounted prices ONLY at the second EVER TradeLocks Open Weekend! ... read more >

Genuine Lishi Tools-The TradeLocks Product of the Week


Here at TradeLocks, we will do whatever it takes to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction every time, and always make sure our products are reasonably priced. And we have some more good news in store as our fantastic Genuine Lishi tools have been reduced even FURTHER, as most of our stocks have now COMPLETELY sold out! We can now fulfil our promise and offer discounted Night Vision tools in line with our pricing in the USA and other export territories. ... read more >

ID48 Cloning is Now Cracked by Keyline with Megamos!

TKM Megamos Starter Kit

JFK once said “we choose to go to the moon…not because it is easy, but because it is hard.” Sit back and think about all those things that have been thought of being impossible since the dawn of time. Human beings flying, communicating with the other side of the world instantly, landing on the moon. So many Impossibilities, but man has always endeavoured to overcome them. Even Captain Kirk told of the SS Enterprise’s 5 year mission in the final frontier of Space. ... read more >

May the 4th Be With You! Get £10 OFF Quality NightVision Tools!

yoda lucas

The first of two May bank holidays is fast approaching, and we thought it was about time that we offered our customers yet another fantastic deal! Unofficially known as ‘Star Wars Day’, May 4th (May the 4th Be With You) is a celebration of all things sci-fi; so we decided to get in on the action! And what better way to treat people than to offer £10 off ALL Genuine Lishi NightVision tools? ... read more >

The Ninja Laser-Sleek, Chic and Unique!

ninja laser

Bianchi Keyline key cutting machines are innovative, original and unique, and always deliver the goods. They are essential for any professional who is looking to cut keys with ultimate precision and accuracy, without encountering any difficulties or setbacks. And the latest machine to be added to TradeLocks’ catalogue of exceptional key cutters is the revolutionary Ninja Laser! ... read more >

The Falcon Key Cutter-For Special Keys

falcon 1

Here at TradeLocks, we always look at ways in which we can expand and develop as a business, and this means casting our net further as far as international relations are concerned. And we have recently teamed up with leading Italian supplier Bianchi, in order to furnish customers with an even wider variety of quality products! Bianchi are known for producing the finest key cutting machines on the market, so it comes as no surprise that TradeLocks wanted to get involved in the action! ... read more >

The Carat Key Cutting Machine-For Flat and Cruciform Keys

CARAT#2The team at TradeLocks have recently combined forces with another well-known supplier of quality locksmith tools, namely Bianchi; and we really do make a winning team! Bianchi Keyline key cutting machines are considered to be highly desirable among locksmiths from all around the world, as they are a globally-recognised and highly respected company. So we couldn’t be happier to welcome them on board! Every key cutting machine has been designed with the greatest care and attention to detail, and they are incredibly versatile and resilient. So if you are looking for cost-effective locksmith solutions, then Bianchi has the answer! ... read more >

Bianchi Keyline Key Cutting Machines-A Real Revelation!

Here at TradeLocks, we always look at ways in which to improve and enhance relations across the border, and it is our absolute pleasure to welcome Bianchi to the ranks! Bianchi is a globally recognised and respected authority when it comes to supplying quality key cutting machines, and constantly impress with their exceptional range of products. And we are ever so pleased to announce that we are NOW supplying Carat, Falcon and Ninja Laser Bianchi Keyline key cutting machines, as well as a variety of user-friendly Pod Keys! Wow! ... read more >

Introducing…..The Find a Locksmith App!


Here at TradeLocks, we are always coming up with inventive and interesting concepts, and love to keep things fresh and exciting. And we think that the brand new Find a Locksmith App is one of our most ingenious ideas yet!

The TradeLocks Find a Locksmith App offers completely FREE advertising to professionals who purchase products from TradeLocks, and allows the user to search and find their local domestic, auto and safe locksmiths. It is ever so simple to get to grips with the consumer-friendly Find a Locksmith App, which is available on both iPhone and Android formats, and if you want to add your own details then you can do so in a matter of minutes! ... read more >

Peterson Picking Made Easy, With Hands-On Help from the Legend Himself

This week, we had a surprising-yet exciting-visit from one of the most respected and familiar faces in the locksmith industry. Yes, that’s right; Ken Peterson dropped into TradeLocks HQ for a fleeting appearance, and he was more than welcome! The 6th Annual Locksmiths Expo down in Nottingham proved to be such a huge success, and we were sorry that the event had to come to an end. So it was met with a huge sigh of relief that we had something else to look forward to after all of the weekend’s goings-on. We supply the largest range of Peterson tools on the market, and have just recently introduced some brand new products into the range, which meant that he came at EXACTLY the right time! ... read more >

New Peterson Tools Are Now in Stock!

Peterson Logo 2

Nothing spells “quality” quite like Peterson’s, and our diverse collection of superb Peterson Picks and Tools is nothing short of perfection. Here at TradeLocks, we have put together a fantastic assortment of choices for both domestic and auto locksmiths, and all of our tools are suitable for both the professional and the keen hobbyists. If you really want to hone your skills and improve your overall performance then we have everything you could possibly need. From full handpick sets to individual picks, extractors for both drills and keys and much, much more, we guarantee that there will be something which suits all specifications. So if it is time to restock your locksmith toolbox, or just need to add a couple of items to your kit then Peterson tools are the ideal choice. ... read more >

The 2 Day TradeLocks Vehicle Opening Course-How Was it for You?

On the second day of the TradeLocks Vehicle Opening Course, both Richard Breslin and Martin Pink thought it would be an excellent idea to focus on specific locks, such as Ford. Ford locks are notoriously difficult to pick but, seeing as Ford models are the most popular make of car on the road by a considerable margin, anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the auto locksmith trade needs to be relatively competent when dealing with Ford locks, otherwise their services will be somewhat limited. Therefore, Ford lock picking is an essential skill to master, which is why Martin and Richard (both of who are respected authorities when it comes to the fine art of Lishi) wanted to concentrate on this particular aspect of Lishi-picking in order for trainees to develop and expand their skills and become more knowledgeable and confident in the process. ... read more >

Practice Makes Perfect on the 2 Day Vehicle Opening Locksmith Course

2 day

As soon as he sat down at his workstation, Henry explained the reason why he booked a flight to Manchester as soon as word started spreading that there was to be another 2 Day Vehicle Opening Locksmith Course in the pipeline, “I wanted to gain more experience in the auto locksmith industry in order to expand my client base and generate more customer awareness. I remember locking my own keys in my E200 Mercedes Benz years ago, and had no clue how to get them out without causing any damage to the lock; but now I am aware of what to do in this situation. However, there is still a lot to learn-which is why I am here!” ... read more >

Get Proficient With Peterson Picks and Tools at the 6th Annual Locksmiths’ Expo!

lock expo

The Locksmiths’ Exhibition returns in 2015 for its sixth year, and we expect that it is going to be bigger-and better-than ever before! On Saturday 7th March (09:30-17:30) to Sunday 8th March (09:00-15:30), locksmiths from across the UK and Ireland-as well as further overseas-will descend upon the East Midlands Conference Centre, University Park, Nottingham, to attend one of the most eagerly-anticipated and prestigious occasions of the calendar year; and we cannot wait! ... read more >

Locksmith Training Courses Perfectly Demonstrate the Art of Lishi


Here at TradeLocks, we always believe that you can improve and progress as a professional, regardless of how experienced you may be. Everyone can learn new skills and perfect their overall performance, and one of the most effective ways in which you can expand and develop your services is by attending one of our informative, educational Locksmith Training Courses. ... read more >

The TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit Defeats Locks with Effortless Ease


One of the most common ways in which you can successfully defeat a cylinder lock is through simply unlocking it from the inside, with the assistance of the uber-versatile TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit. The TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit is the ultimate tool to help you quickly and easily defeat a lock, without having to use destructive force. You can complete even the most complex of tasks with consummate ease and efficiency if you invest in the incomparable TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit, as it has been specifically developed to work with both uPVC and wooden doors. It can slip through any letterbox without any trouble, so you can work productively-and with confidence-at all times. ... read more >

Introducing…..The Complete Genuine Lishi User Guide & Training Manual Kit

lishi manual 3Here at TradeLocks, we constantly look at ways in which to expand and develop our range of services, and offer customers a diverse variety of options as regards their professional needs. If you want to make a name for yourself in the auto locksmith industry and build up a reputation as a leading authority in your chosen field of expertise then you have to remain one step ahead of the competition at all times. When it comes to the fine art of Lishi-picking, one clumsy mistake can mean that you have to start again from scratch, which wastes valuable time- as even seconds count. However, if you really want to get to grips with 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Genuine Lishi auto tools then the Complete Genuine Lishi User Guide & Training Manual Kit is an essential investment. ... read more >

The Disc Detainer Padlock Pick-Designed to Make your Working Life So Much Easier

disc 1

As a professional, you are faced with a variety of different obstacles on a daily basis, and therefore you need to be prepared for all inevitabilities. Here at TradeLocks, we supply such a broad reaching assortment of incomparable General Tools, which have been designed with the specific intention to make your working life that little bit easier. The high quality Disc Detainer Padlock Pick is ever so versatile and user-friendly, and can be operated regularly without becoming damaged in the process. Though you may not have to take the Disc Detainer Padlock Pick out every day, it will still need to be used frequently, as the majority of Abloy-type locks (such as Blackspur and Monteray locks) are rather expensive. As opposed to breaking the lock open, it is perhaps far more agreeable for the owner to call upon a locksmith to complete the job, as this will give them the opportunity to simply get a replacement key. ... read more >

Non-Destructive Entry Tools save Time and Money

Spreader #1

Professional locksmiths use a variety of different methods and techniques in order to defeat a lock, and the first-and most preferred-is to use non-destructive entry tools. By defeating a lock using non-destructive entry tools, you save a great deal of time and money in the process, so it is obvious why this is such an attractive prospect. If you can stick to a budget whilst simultaneously seeing profits increase then this will give business a real boost and put you in an incredibly strong position as far as your reputation is concerned, as you will never have to compromise on quality and service. With non-destructive entry tools you can complete tasks with consummate ease and efficiency and still bring home a considerable profit. ... read more >

Discounted Genuine Lishi Tools Are the Perfect Investment

lishi 2

If you really want to make a name for yourself and create a lasting impression then we have everything you need right here at TradeLocks. One of the ways in which you can generate widespread interest and attract even more customers is by adding auto services to your current list of services, or you could even focus entirely on vehicles. Thanks to a 436k boost in 2013, almost 32 million cars were reported on the roads last year, according to research. ... read more >

Defeat Safe Locks Successfully with the Unbeatable CB La Gard 2200 Variable Tool and VMI (Variable Magnetic Indicator)

gard 1

The majority of professional locksmiths who work with safes on a frequent basis are faced with the tricky La Gard lock, which tends to have some issues with the key guide Tooth in the entrance of the key way. This key guide Tooth tends to snap and break off, which makes it nigh on impossible to manipulate and defeat with standard, run of the mill safe lock tools. The TradeLocks Chris Belcher La Gard 2200 Variable Tool and VMI (Variable Magnetic Indicator) was specifically developed out of frustration that, previously, there were no alternative tools to effectively work in conjunction with the La Gard 2200 Safe if it has been damaged in any way. The CB La Gard 2200 Variable Tool and VMI is the most suitable tool to use on this type of lock, and is also incredibly basic. ... read more >

Pick Up Some Exclusive Discount Deals in the BIG TradeLocks Sale


If you are to succeed in your chosen field of expertise and really want to make a name for yourself then it is imperative that you stay one step ahead of the competition at all times. Thinking of innovative and inventive ways in which you can improve and expand your range of services is always a good idea, as developing your facilities and offering a wider spectrum of solutions will forever work in your favour. ... read more >

The TradeLocks Extended 2-in-1 Pick-In a League of Its Own!!

pick 1If you are a professional who works with safes on a regular basis then it is essential to stock up on high quality picks in order to get the job done in the quickest time possible, and with minimal disruption and disturbance. The unrivalled TradeLocks Extended 2-in-1 Pick is the perfect choice for locksmiths who are looking to make their working life considerably easier, and in turn can offer their customers an ever wider range of services which will suit all specifications. In many instances, people want tailored solutions which can be customised to meet their particular personal or commercial needs, which is why investing in a durable, hard wearing Extended 2-in-1 Pick is such a good idea. Each and every Extended 2-in-1 Pick comes with the added guarantee of true quality and excellence, and will cater for a number of different requirements. ... read more >

Stop Lock Bumping Today with the Unbeatable Pickbuster!


When it comes to improving and enhancing the general standard of front door security you cannot go wrong with the resourceful, versatile Pickbuster. The Pickbuster is suitable for a multitude of different purposes, and presents the perfect solution if your customers not want to undertake a detailed and complicated DIY project. Nowadays, one of the most common and frequent methods of gaining access into a house is by a process called “lock bumping”, as it is speedy and effective, and has an incredibly high success rate. Therefore, it is imperative that homeowners take the necessary precautions required in order to prevent lock bumping from happening, and one of the ways in which to deter would-be intruders is by applying the Pickbuster to the locks in their property, as this prevents forced entry. ... read more >

Keep your Business Safely Behind Closed Doors with Solid, Sturdy Borg Locks

Borg Locks are functional, long lasting and easy to operate, and are the result of over 15 years of extensive market research. TradeLocks supplies a diverse and broad reaching variety of heavy-duty Borg Locks, all of which perform to the highest level and meet the strict requirements of specialist applications. They are suitable for almost every timber, aluminium, steel and uPVC installation, so are incredibly versatile and multifaceted. One of the reasons why Borg Locks are considered highly desirable amongst professionals is due to the fact that they offer unlimited control of a door, with the added convenience of not carrying around cumbersome keys, or having to find the right key to open a lock. ... read more >

Stop “Fishing” Today with the Letterplate Restrictor Shroud


Even though the number of burglaries in the United Kingdom and Ireland has decreased in recent times, it is still important to ensure that your customers have all the right door hardware installed so that they are safeguarded from potential risk. If homeowners are looking to give security a bit of a boost then Letterplate Restrictor Shrouds from TradeLocks will make such a difference. They are incredibly durable, built to last and have been specifically devised to prevent “fishing”. Key or letterplate “fishing” is a common technique used by burglars in order to get a hold of keys, purses, handbags and other belongings without even having to enter a property. ... read more >

Peterson’s Picks and Tools-Flying the Flag for Quality and Innovation

pet 1

Peterson’s unbeatable range of Picks and Tools are a staple essential for any locksmith, regardless of how much skill and expertise they have under their belts. They are an essential investment for professionals looking to make a real name for themselves in the trade, and guarantee that tasks will be completed with consummate ease and maximum efficiency. Our fantastic collection of Peterson’s Picks and Tools is nothing short of perfection, as we have spent a great deal of time and effort making sure that each and every item is of the highest calibre. We have put together this unbeatable catalogue of choices for both domestic and auto locksmiths so that all of your commercial and individual requirements are catered for, and guarantee speedy, fast shipping. ... read more >

Stock Up on Your Collection of General Tools Today, thanks to TradeLocks!

gen 1

As a professional locksmith you will be faced with a variety of different-and difficult-obstacles, which need to be overcome with minimal disruption to your daily duties. Therefore, you have to be prepared for all inevitabilities and have the right general tools to hand, as this will put you in an extremely strong position.  You may not have to use general tools such as Burgess 5-Piece Mortice Key Opening Tools every day, but they do come in handy if a key has been left in a lock on the inside of a property. As far as general tools go, Burgess 5-Piece Mortice Key Opening Tools are simple yet essential, and are constructed from the finest stainless steel on the market. ... read more >

Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets- The Locksmith’s Friend

If you are a professional locksmith and really want to make a name for yourself in the industry, then you must invest in appropriate cylinder tools in order to guarantee success and cement your reputation. Here at TradeLocks, we offer a diverse and wide ranging selection of highly desirable and sought after cylinder tools, as well as more specialised options so that all bases are covered. If you have something specific in mind then just let us know as we will take any bespoke requirements into consideration. Shipping throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom, we supply quality lock tools for cylinders exclusively developed for homeowners in Great Britain and Ireland. Choosing the finest cylinder lock tooling on the market will set you apart from the rest of the competition and allow you to get a better return on your investment. It’s a win-win situation! ... read more >

1* Kitemarked Sacrificial Cut BLACK Euro Cylinder – Now In Stock!!!

black cylinder 2TradeLocks is a name which is trusted and respected by locksmiths around the United Kingdom and Ireland due to our affordable prices, unbeatable products and professionalism. Recently, we have developed an extensive range of revolutionary Black 1* Kitemarked Sacrifical Cut Euro Cylinders, which conform to the highest of EN1303:2005 standards. 1* Kitemarked Sacrificial Cut Black Euro Cylinders have been re-engineered from our original Zerolift cylinders, and they not only combine all of the attractive, customer-friendly features of the original Zerolift, but are also packed with even more functions, including: ... read more >

Grab a Bargain Buy Today at the Tradelocks BIG January Sale!!

JSaleNow that the holidays are over and it’s back to work, the January blues could start to set in, and so we thought that our loyal Tradelocks customers deserved an extra-special treat to celebrate the beginning of a brand-new year. 2015 marks the start of a fresh era, and the majority of locksmiths are more than likely deciding whether or not to stock up on new equipment so that they can offer their client base a diverse and wide ranging variety of services, tailored to suit all specifications. However, it is common knowledge that, after all of the Yuletide festivities, it is highly feasible that you will not have that much cash to splash, and must keep a close eye on your outgoings in order to ensure that you do not go into the red. ... read more >

May we Present…. the Versatile, User Friendly uPVC Door Opening Kit


The TradeLocks uPVC Door Opening Kit is designed for those people who need to gain lawful access to a domestic property, or who are just starting out in the locksmith trade. With simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, new locksmiths will be able to easily work out the most efficient way in which to enter a building, with minimal disruption. And we have recently made an educational and informative video (that you can see right here), which explains in detail how to use the uPVC Door Opening Kit effectively, so that it reaches its maximum potential. ... read more >

Book Your Place on A TradeLocks Lock Opening Course and Perfect Your Performance

Lishi Workshop #2

Due to incredibly high demand, TradeLocks has been investing in developing our very own fully-equipped locksmith training centre based in Dundalk, Co. Louth, from where we will offer regular vehicle and lock opening courses. The course will begin with vehicle opening, where we will go in far more depth and discuss the locks and how they operate. These hands-on, practical modules will be extremely demonstrative, with each trainee having their own individual locks and tools to use. We will look in detail at the different methods adopted for entry, including the handling of Overlifters, Rakes and Jigglers. After this, we will then progress to using the now world-famous Genuine Lishi NightVision tools, and Genuine Lishi Tibbe merchandise. ... read more >

On the 12th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me….The 5-Piece Inner Groove Pick Set for Only £50.00 + VAT!!!

11Especially designed to open out locks, inner groove picks are the ideal choice for professionals around the globe. The unrivalled 5-Piece Inner Groove Pick Set from TradeLocks is a brilliant investment for any novice or professional locksmith. Selecting the right kind of auto tool for the job is absolutely essential if you want to guarantee success and see turnover increase significantly. The 5-Piece Inner Groove Pick Set is such a popular option as it not only offers 5 durable, hard wearing auto locksmith tools in one set, but is also fantastic value for money- and a great investment towards growth and expansion in your chosen field of expertise. ... read more >

On the 11th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders for Only £12.50 + VAT!!!

Spreader #1

The use of Door Spreaders has grown rapidly in popularity due to the widespread replacement of standard doors with uPVC doors. TradeLocks offers not only the finest range of Door Spreaders on the market, but can 100% guarantee that these products reach you in perfect condition as every item is thoroughly checked before despatch. Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders are extremely well-known in the professional locksmith trade as they are of the highest quality and have been developed with usability and effectiveness in mind. They are innovative and original, and constantly impress on all levels and will give your business a real boost, which is why so many people have decided to invest in Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders as opposed to other tooling of a similar ilk. ... read more >

On the 10th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…..The Chris Belcher Button Gauge Set for Only £15.00 + VAT!!!!!


If you are searching for the perfect solution when it comes to enhancing and expanding your catalogue of locksmith services then the Universal 7 Gauge 2-in-1 Pick Set is ideal. It is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to stay one step ahead of the competition and add safe lock picking to the already impressive list of tasks which you can undertake with ease and efficiency. With a variety of top quality lock tools which can be adjusted accordingly to help you pick a broad reaching assortment of safe locks you will automatically increase your customer base and allow your business to grow at a steady rate. ... read more >

On the 9th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…….The Peterson Phoenix Automotive GSP Pick Set for Only £75.00 + VAT!!!!


Due to the fact that locksmiths are encountering more and more Euro-Style Keyways, Peterson’s have developed new Government Steel Plastic (GSP) Series Picks which have a specific “EURO” design in order to allow access to be gained into keyways which had been designed to be restrictive and limiting. Peterson’s added profile designs-which had already been tested in EURO Keyways-and placed them into the world-famous Peterson Moulded Plastic Handles. The picks in these Peterson sets are cheaper, more lightweight and transmit far less vibration than other products of a similar type, thus making your working life far easier. The smooth edges around the picks make you think that these particular picks have ball bearings, but instead they have been through the brand new tumble/polish process during manufacture. ... read more >

On the 8th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me……The Genuine Lishi Key Cloner for Only £300.00 + VAT!!!!!


This is the unrivalled Genuine Lishi Key Cloner Machine, and on the 8th Day of Christmas, it has been reduced to an incredible £300.00 + VAT!! The highly desirable, ultra durable Genuine Lishi Key Cloner Machine has been updated to meet all specifications and guidelines, and comes with a 12-month ‘return to office’ warranty.  It is able to identify the Transponder, write the Transponder, copy the Transponder and calculate the Eeprom memory. After collating all of this information, the Genuine Lishi Key Cloner Machine can then calculate Transponder Codes from the Eeprom memory as well as the pin codes from using the chassis or the Transponder. The machine is also able to test the Transponder and generate fixed Transponder codes. We strongly suggest that the Genuine Lishi Key Cloner Machine is used with 4D and 46 mold, which are the new and original versions. ... read more >

On the 6th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me……The Premium Ford Tibbe Kit for Only £60.00 + VAT!!!!!

tibbeThis fantastic product is the Premium Ford Tibbe Kit, and it contains the Genuine Lishi Ford Tibbe Decoder as well as the Tibbe Make Up Key. All tools are held together in a sturdy metal case, making for easy transportation, and this also ensures protection against potential damage. Due to the fact that you will have to take the Premium Ford Tibbe Kit with you frequently whenever you are called out on a job, it is imperative that tooling does not succumb to daily wear and tear. If you have to constantly invest in new locksmith tooling then this could end up costing an absolute fortune, so if you are presented with a cost-effective, affordable and reliable alternative such as the Premium Ford Tibbe Kit then this will no doubt come as a welcome surprise. ... read more >

On the 5th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me……The Budget Snapper Bar for Only £15.00 + VAT!!!


Every professional locksmith should have at least one Destructive Entry Tool in their van or toolbox in order to complete jobs effectively which require fast entry through destruction of the cylinder lock. TradeLocks features numerous durable, hard wearing lock tools, which make forced destructive entry a great deal easier. There are a number of circumstances where there is no other alternative but to use destructive entry, but the most common of cases is when the homeowner has forgotten or mislaid their keys (or they were stolen) and prefers a new lock for security reasons. Another likely situation is when a door has to be opened as quickly as possible due to there being only a limited amount of time in which to carry out a task, and therefore you need to act swiftly and pro-actively. ... read more >

On the 4th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me……The KD900 Key Remote Generator for Only £250.00 + VAT!!!!


On the fourth day of our Twelve Days of Christmas promotion, TradeLocks has decided to focus on the fantastic KD900 Genuine Lishi Key Remote Generator, as it is innovative, simple to operate and comes bearing the hallmark of true quality. For ONE DAY ONLY, we are reducing the price of the KD900 Genuine Lishi Key Remote Generator to an incredible £250.00 + VAT, which saves you a massive £65.00!!! Our already affordable catalogue of top of the range locksmith supplies are considered to be the finest on the market, so why not take advantage of this exclusive discount deal and grab a bargain buy, just in time for the festive season? ... read more >

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me….The RPCP 3 Piece Set Deal PLUS a FREE Decoder for ONLY £199.99 + VAT!!!!

3 cb

Our fantastic 12 Days of Christmas campaign is going ever so well so far, and we hope to continue keeping up the good work with our next special offer. This deal is far too good to miss out on, and it does not matter whether you are a seasoned professional locksmith or keen amateur who is just starting out in the industry as we guarantee that everyone will be thrilled with this latest bargain buy. Chris Belcher is a well-known and respected authority in the locksmithing trade, and his knowledge and expertise knows no bounds. After the recent success of the fantastic TradeLocks Open Weekend, he has become even more of an established name due to his immense talent and wisdom. When it comes to demonstrating how his branded tooling works, there is no-one better befitting the bill.   ... read more >

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me….. Mortice Lock Impressioning Sets for £75.00 + VAT!! OR all 6 for ONLY £400.00 + VAT!!

Here at TradeLocks we are regarded as a market leading supplier of sought-after, resilient locksmith tooling which has been designed with durability and effectiveness in mind. We can honestly say that our merchandise is of the very finest standard, as it has been created entirely from scratch, with meticulous care and attention to detail. It does not matter if you are an enthusiastic novice or seasoned professional, as everyone will benefit from these quality items, all of which come complete with an attractive, affordable price tag. Locksmith tooling from TradeLocks is simple to operate and does not need replacing on a regular basis, thus saving both time and money. ... read more >

And on the 1st Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…..4 x Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 Tools for ONLY £120+VAT!!!

lishiiChristmas is fast approaching, and it is a time when people really do go all out as regards blowing their budget on little luxuries which they do not normally indulge in. When the festive season is in full swing it means that small extravagances are within anyone’s budget, even if it means cutting back on expenditures in January. Locksmiths across the United Kingdom flock to TradeLocks in order to take advantage of the incredible deals on offer, as our tooling, accessories and remotes are affordable, reliable and designed for durability. Even though we strive to keep rates to an absolute minimum, this does not mean that we compromise on quality, as each and every item bears the hallmark of superiority and excellence. ... read more >

Chris Belcher-The Best in the Business

chris b

Chris Belcher is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced locksmiths in the industry, as he has developed some highly impressive, sought after domestic locksmith tooling which professionals use on a daily basis. The tools are primarily focused on making opening mortice locks and safes a great deal easier-and faster. With ground-breaking, revolutionary designs such as the Chris Belcher Taper Pin Set for Safe Repairs and the Universal 7 Gauge Safe 2 in 1 Pick Set (and much more besides), it’s no wonder his locksmith tools are considered desirable amongst those in the know. ... read more >

Lishi-Picking Made Easy, Courtesy of UAP TradeLocks

Lishi Workshop #2

The TradeLocks Open Weekend saw locksmiths from across the United Kingdom flock to UAP Limited to partake in informative, invaluable cylinder re-pinning classes and hands-on uPVC door opening demonstrations, all of which were completely FREE of charge. It was a rare and golden opportunity for both eager amateurs and qualified professionals to showcase their skills and learn a thing or two from respected industry greats such as Martin Pink, Chris Belcher and the Master of Lishi himself, Pat McGinn (pictured below). ... read more >

A Record-Breaking Turnout at the 1st TradeLocks Open Weekend

lishi workshop #1

Here at UAP Limited, we were expecting quite a few familiar faces-as well as new acquaintances-at the TradeLocks Open Weekend, and we were certainly not disappointed! In actual fact, over a hundred locksmiths turned up for the TradeLocks Open Weekend, which ran from the 22nd-23rd November, and we saw an incredible surge in sales after both professionals and amateurs participated in informative, educational demos. These fantastic courses were taught by industry legends, who have years of expertise under their belts, and they were more than happy to share their extensive wealth of knowledge with keen apprentices as well as fully-fledged, seasoned specialists. ... read more >

Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tube and Case Demonstration

tubesGenuine Lishi only supplies the most sought-after products on the market, which are thoroughly and meticulously checked before delivery so that they reach you in impeccable condition. In order to keep up with ever- changing trends and developments, Genuine Lishi constantly updates and expands their already impressive collection of quality stock in order to furnish customers with innovative tooling equipment at affordable rates. And one of the most popular items in their extensive catalogue of merchandise is adaptable, resourceful Genuine Lishi NightVision Tube packaging. ... read more >

Have All Your UAP Products Laser Engraved, Including Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tools

lishi 1

Here at UAP Limited we constantly strive to come up with new products and innovative inventions, and develop our range of services and techniques in order to help our customers. Our team of experts are determined to ensure that locksmiths maintain their tools, and if they get lost or stolen then they can be returned to their rightful owner in the quickest time possible, with the help of laser engraving. Laser engraving personalises equipment such as Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 tools (pictured above) and makes it look eye-catching, attractive and unique. If you are a professional locksmith who is looking to make your name in the industry then laser engraving is an absolute must as it is ever so quick and simple yet makes an incredible difference. It only takes a matter of minutes yet transforms products into highly desirable items. We always aim to keep our rates to an absolute minimum, which is why we are considered to be a leading authority when it comes to supplying superior locksmith tooling at affordable prices. ... read more >

MAX6MUM SECURITY is the Full Package


All MAX6MUM SECURITY equipment comes highly recommended by satisfied commercial and domestic customers as it is of the highest standard, and consistently exceeds even the highest of expectations. If you want to safeguard a building such as an office or warehouse then MAX6MUM SECURITY supplies are ideal as they are durable, hard wearing and resourceful. Each and every one of our mortice locks, door knockers and letterplates has been manufactured entirely from scratch with the primary intention of providing customers with a simple solution to security issues. Careful measures are undertaken to prevent common methods for breaking in as MAX6MUM SECURITY equipment comes complete with numerous added security features. ... read more >

KD 900/200 Remotes, Blades and Badges-Why Buy Anywhere Else?

If you have been searching for reliable, resilient supplies which can withstand even the harshest of conditions then KD 900/200 Remotes, Blades and Badges perfectly fit the bill. They have been created for longevity and convenience and consistently deliver the goods, as they offer the high-end user a competitively-priced replacement key, which in turn will reduce costs considerably. KD 900/200 Key Remotes are not original Car Makers keys, but instead are top of the range DIY replacements which have been designed by fully qualified and accredited specialists. Locksmiths and garages do not therefore have to invest in sizeable levels of stock and can easily manage and control their expenditure and keep an eye on outgoings. ... read more >

FREE Genuine Lishi Workshops at the Tradelocks Open Weekend

If you are after top of the range tools which have been specifically and deliberately created for overall effectiveness and simplicity of use, then look no further than Genuine Lishi. Genuine Lishi tools need to be operated in the correct manner if they are to reach their maximum potential and serve the purpose which they are intended for. It is therefore essential that you receive the right training, undertaken from those who specialise in the industry, if you are to take full advantage of the rewards and benefits which Genuine Lishi tools have to offer. The most effective way in which you can learn how to competently handle Genuine Lishi tools is by listening to an expert opinion and attending practical, step-by-step demonstrations, as this gives you hands-on experience with these tools. This enables you to obtain a better understanding of how they function, especially when it comes to manipulating locks. ... read more >

Meet the Legends at the Tradelocks Open Weekend

If you want to seek advice from the best in the business then you are in luck, as leading industry experts such as Chris Belcher, Martin Pink and Pat McGinn will be ready and waiting to answer your questions at the Tradelocks Open Weekend. It is the first event of its kind, and therefore cannot be missed, as there are some rather special surprises in store! As well as a bouncy castle and fun-packed activities for little ones to enjoy, there is also a free hog roast and a fully-stocked beer tent which is open all day long, so you can eat and drink to your heart’s content. The Tradelocks Open Weekend is a celebration of our services and products, which we are both immensely proud of, hence why we are offering lucky participants the golden opportunity to learn inside tricks of the trade from those in the know. ... read more >

UAP Door Handles – They’re Out of This World!

When looking for the perfect door handle to use on your doors, there are currently many options available in the market. However there are very few door handles available that match the quality, security and price of the newly released UAP high security 2* Kitemarked door handles, which are available in both short backplate and long backplate versions. ... read more >

The FREE Genuine Lishi App – An Auto Locksmith’s Best Friend

Over the past few months, Genuine Lishi has rapidly expanded their product ranges, and took the market by storm with the introduction of the Genuine Lishi NightVision 3-in-1 tools, which are able to pick and decode car doors, trunks and even ignitions. What’s more is that these tools use special NightVision technology which lights up the tool at night without the need for torches or other light sources! ... read more >

Our Window Restrictor range is never ending with our new Fixed End Window Restrictors…

Recently, we have extended our Window Restrictor range by adding Fixed End Window Restrictors. These window restrictors are ideal for anyone that offers door and window security in their shop. Their design means that they cannot be unlocked by a user, making them ideal to be used in hospitals, schools, mental institutions and hotels, and for times when you what to make sure that the window will not be fully opened. ... read more >

Present your Customers Only the Best with Nanocoast Technology Products

When it comes to working and living in the UK everyone knows how harsh the elements are on the coastal areas and TradeLocks has a great solution for every locksmith and homeowner, the MAX6MUM SECURITY Nanocoast Technology Door Hardware.

Impressive Nanocoast Door Hardware withstands salt and pollution attacks.

Impressive Nanocoast Door Hardware withstands salt and pollution attacks.

If you are looking for great products to stock up your shop or present your customers when on the job nothing beats the fantastic options available from MAX6MUM SECURITY. Salt levels in coastal areas as well as pollution in industrial areas is the main culprit for corrosion, discolouration, and tarnishing of exterior door hardware however the new MAX6MUM SECURITY Nanocoast range is aimed to overcome just these problems. ... read more >

Keep Your Customers’ Windows Safe with MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors and Sash Jammers

If you are looking for a revolutionary and easy to fit product to offer your customers look no further than the fantastic MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors and Sash Jammers. Window security is absolutely essential when it comes to overall home security and taking that extra step could make a world of a difference.

TradeLocks offers the full MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors and Sash Jammers range allowing you to present your clients with an array of great options depending on their needs. If you have customers with small children the Window Restrictors range from MAX6MUM SECURITY is the best way to keep them protected.

With over 4,000 children getting injured from falls out of windows yearly in the UK alone no parent can overlook this important safety precaution. They can be fit quickly and easily and are just as easy to unlock with the key provided which they can keep in a safe and out of reach place near the window. Unlike other similar products on the market they can withstand up to 100 kg of weight and have a 20 cm long cable which allows for airing of the room without putting their children in harm’s way. TradeLocks offers the latest finish additions sold both individually and in retail packs of 10 so you will have a number of great options to present your clients. ... read more >

Clients on a Budget but want Quality? Consider the TradeLocks Budget Cylinders

Don’t let the name fool you. The TradeLocks Budget Cylinders only have a budget price sticker yet all of the features of high quality and expensive cylinder locks.


Impressive in every way these budget cylinders will be ideal for any client that has a lower budget for door security or is looking to improve on security in several sectors of the door and has broken down the budget so as to not only get new cylinders fit but other security hardware.

So, what makes these budget EUro cylinders better than the rest priced the same or even higher?

Each of the cylinders features 5 high quality pins with anti-pick mushrooms ensuring that even professional locksmiths will be stumped when attempting to pick the lock. To ensure that only drilling with a professional locksmith drill attachment is possible anti-drill pins are also fitted to assure further door security. In order to protect from common break-in methods such as bumping features such as the patented Anti-Bump Zero Lift Pin System is also a key feature making the TradeLocks Budget Cylinders stand out above the rest. ... read more >

Home Protection and Safety in Style: New Window Restrictor Finishes

After numerous requests from customers MAX6MUM SECURITY has released the latest colours of Window Restrictors and TradeLocks has them in stock!


You will now find not only the standard white and brown but the following colours:

Polished Gold with Black Cord
Polished Chrome with Black Cord
Polished Chrome with Transparent Cord


If you were impressed by the abilities and overall effectiveness of the MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors but wanted more versatility to offer your clients so they can match the hardware to the interior of their home now is the time to check them out again! Each of the new finishes features the highly sought after and extra durable MRSA resistant additive which ensures that they outlast any other restrictor on the market and the numerous other features that make the MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors better than the competition. ... read more >

The Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted Tools will Change the Way you Work

lishi  logo png 500

After requests from professional auto locksmiths Genuine Lishi has redeveloped the Lishi 2in1 auto locksmith tools to pick and decode ignitions too. The new Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted tools feature the necessary extended blade to reach ignitions as well as the added patent pending “Anti-Twist Support Collar” assuring the strength to prevent bending or breaking. As with all other Genuine Lishi tools the 3in1 Ignition Adjusted is impressive in all aspects.


Developed for speed and precision you will be able to easily and quickly pick and decode any auto trunk, door, and ignition in under 3 minutes once mastered. With the fantastic option to extend the blade in just seconds you can interchange the tool to best suit your needs depending on what you are working on. TradeLocks works closely with Genuine Lishi to develop tools not only based on what they find to be useful and effective but based on what professionals are looking for to ensure that the lock tool is easy to work with, very effective, and improves speed. ... read more >

Why Choose TL Rim Cylinders Over the Competition?

When it comes to impressing your clients its essential to remember what they are looking for, an effective way to ward off intruders at the best price possible. The latest product from TradeLocks the TL Rim Cylinders offers just that with numerous high security features and options all packed in a budget price. Go beyond your clients expectations and offer them something that will help protect their front door at an unbeatable price.


Present them the TL Rim Cylinders with all of their fantastic features. Assure them that regardless what break-in method the intruder is using they will fail as they offer protection not only against picking but bumping and drilling as well. After intensive research and communication not only with homeowners but with professional locksmiths we have developed what we believe to be the best rim cylinder on the market. We have reviewed common downfalls of other products and upgrades that both locksmiths and homeowners are looking for and have redeveloped the standard rim cylinder to perfection. ... read more >

Peterson Tools Arrive at Tradelocks


Tradelocks have welcomed the arrival of over 120 different lines of Peterson Tools in what some have seen as a major and significant shift in Tradelocks trading strategy. Tradelocks are known for working with locksmiths and developing quality tools at low prices and also selling online their range of UAP locks and door products at low trade prices, so distributing the Peterson brand is an interesting move. ... read more >

Have You Received Your Free Tools from Tradelocks?

At Tradelocks, we are always looking to improve our offers, and make the buying experience different to every other website in the industry. In 2012 we launched our very successful ‘Tradelocks Rewards’ on This works similar to the Tesco Reward scheme or the Air Miles schemes where you collect points as you buy goods, and then use those points for free goods or as part payment for your next order. ... read more >

The Perfect Partnership

What’s the connection between Torvill and Dean, Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire or Simon and Garfunkel. They all worked in perfect harmony with each other. The strength of each one reinforced and complimented the strength of the other to create an unbeatable and mesmerising combination.

After 17 years in the business, UAP have partnered with MPL specialist Fullex to distribute the Fullex range of locks and accessories under UAP’s TL brand. ... read more >

Locksmiths’ Exhibition 2014

Locksmith show email bannerFor the fifth year running, the Locksmiths’ Exhibition is finally nearly here. On Saturday 8th March and Sunday 9th March 2014, the exhibition is taking place at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham. The exhibition is open between 9.30am and 5.30pm on Saturday, and 9am to 3.30pm on Sunday, and it gives you the opportunity to come down and benefit from the amazing show prices and deals that we are offering. ... read more >

UAP MAX6MUM SECURITY Win Double Silver at Totally Tools

diy winner

The Totally Tools show was a big success for UAP MAX6MUM SECURITY, which was at the Ricoh Arena from Sunday 16th Feb – Tuesday 18th Feb 2014. The show allowed us to show off our brand new range of blister packed architecturally specified door hardware and security products. Many retailers visited the stand, and many people took up the unique opportunity to play table football against former Leeds United and England legends Norman Hunter and Paul Reaney and former Welsh Captain Terry Yorath. ... read more >

Visit MAX6MUM SECURITY at Totally DIY / Totally Tools to meet England Football Legends!!!

Totally Tools As brand new suppliers to NMBS we have developed a retail range of architecturally specified door hardware and door security products which have been tested to relevant standards such as Secured by Design and BSi Kitemark. The range includes door knockers, door viewers, letterplates, euro cylinders, mortice locks, letters and numerals, door chains, door handles, identity card slots, window restrictors and sash jammers. All of these are available in high impact yellow and black blister packaging. ... read more >

TradeLocks’ VAT Free Promotion

vat free promo3

The end of January can be a stressful time for the self-employed and businesses as the tax return deadline approaches. To make this a little less stressful we are taking the VAT off every product on TradeLocks.

 You can relax as you stock up your tool kit knowing the VAT is on us, that’s a massive saving of 20%! So if you’ve wanted to try out our new Mortice Lock Impressioning Kit, had your eye on the latest Genuine Lishi 2-in-1’s or just need to stock up on cylinders now’s your chance. ... read more >

UAP ZeroLift® Advance – The next generation of super smooth cylinders

UAP+ ZeroLift Advance Euro CylinderWe have been busy over the past year working with renowned Locksmith Chris Belcher developing the next generation of super smooth cylinders.  We are now pleased to announce the launch of the UAP ZeroLift Advance.

The new BSi Kitemark TS007:2012 1 star cylinder, which will replace the current UAP ZeroLift euro cylinder, offers extra security and a super smooth turning action. The UAP ZeroLift Advance uses a revolutionary system of timing pins; these control the physical timing when a cylinder is bumped. This system provides us with an anti-bump cylinder that does not contain trap pins. ... read more >

UAP meets TS008:2012 for its letterplate security products


We recently developed a shroud extension for our range of hidden fix letterplate security shrouds and are pleased to announce that when combined the shroud and extension meet the new TS008:2012 standards. We are one of the first, if not the first, companies to meet this standard.

The extension is available as either right or left side and attaches to the letterplate restrictor shroud to prevent lock manipulation. ... read more >

MAX6MUM SECURITY® is set to make its Totally DIY debut

We will be heading down to the Totally DIY show for the first time in a few weeks to launch MAX6MUM SECURITY® to the retail market.

Paul, Max and Norman

Former Leeds United and England legends Norman Hunter and Paul Reaney and former Welsh Captain Terry Yorath will be on our stand helping us kick off our first appearance at the show by challenging visitors to a game of table football. ... read more >

Nanocoast® door hardware – Guaranteed for life

Lifetime Coating Guarantee

The market is inundated with companies offering corrosion resistant door hardware with promises that they will last a lifetime, however these promises are not backed up with anything. We decided to do something about this and so we have put a lifetime guarantee against surface corrosion on our Nanocoast® range.

Our Nanocoast® range of door hardware is made from 304 grade stainless steel and has been designed to stand up to the elements and last a lifetime, so if within the lifetime of the homeowner the coating tarnishes we will replace the product. ... read more >

MAX6MUM SECURITY Gets Animated to Promote Window Safety

MAX6MUM SECURITY Baby and Child Window-Safe RestrictorTo help launch our “Be your child’s superhero” campaign we have released a short animation which promotes window safety and our MAX6MUM SECURITY® Baby and Child Window-Safe™ Restrictor.

The animation stars our very own superhero Max and his twin tots Milo and Millie. It demonstrates how easy it is for a child to fall from a window and therefore the importance of making sure the opening of a window is restricted. ... read more >

Kick of your 2014 with 14% off everything on TradeLocks

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2014!!!

To celebrate the beginning of 2014 we are giving you 14% off everything on TradeLocks with the promo code YEAR2014.

So why not start the new year by stocking up your tool kit with fantastic products at incredible prices. The offer is valid on EVERYTHING on TradeLocks from cylinders to mortice locks, domestic locksmith tools to auto locksmith tools and from security door hardware to decorative door hardware. ... read more >

Merry Christmas from UAP


 As we approach the end of another year we are all preparing to close down for the Christmas period, but before we do that we would like to thank all of our customers for their support this year.

2013 has seen several changes and new developments for us, we had a great time at the FIT Show getting to spend time with you all and introducing everybody to our new external sales team, headed up by Dee Chamberlain. We have also launched several new ranges including our 2* High Security Handles, 2* Cylinder Guards, the iPlate and our Straight Length Pull Handles. ... read more >

Genuine Lishi Decoder 12 Hour Sale

Genuine Lishi Sale

We’re running a 12 hour clearance sale on Genuine Lishi Decoders, for a limited time only you can get the below tools for just £39.99 + VAT.

If you buy 3 decoders we’ll even throw in a FREE Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 User Guide Vol. 2 worth £49.00.

You’ll have to be quick to take advantage of this fantastic offer as there is less than 10 of each tool left, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!!! ... read more >

UAP TradeLocks’ Christmas Giveaway

UAP Christmas

Throughout December we will be spreading Christmas spirit with Roses. We will be giving customers a tin of the very festive Cadbury’s chocolates with every order over £250 + VAT.

We have gained a reputation over the years for treating our customers during the holidays and it has now become a tradition to expect a sweet treat with an order during a seasonal period. We sent out bags of sweets throughout October for Halloween and Treacle Toffee for Bonfire Night, we are now continuing our tradition of doing something special for customers with this festive treat. ... read more >

Day 2 of TradeLocks’ 12 Days of Christmas

Day 2 On the second day of the TradeLocks’ Christmas Promotion we’ll be giving to you…

Impressioner 2Deal 3 – Professional Impressioning Tool Set – £49.00 Save 49%
Promo code: XMAS3

This clever kit comprises of a torch and super light aluminium alloy hand vice. A key can be rotated 360 degrees and the powerful lens will magnify even the smallest of marks.

Click here and save over £70.00!!!

door spreadersDeal 2 – Door Spreader Twin Pack – £40.00
Promo Code: XMAS4
... read more >

TradeLocks Locksmith Training Courses


We will be launching our new training courses in January with the first courses focusing on Genuine Lishi. The courses have been designed and developed by Genuine Lishi to help those who are new to auto locksmith work or have bought Genuine Lishi tools and need a refresher course on how to use the tools.

The courses are run by experienced auto locksmiths in our new modern training facility in Manchester.

1 Day Genuine Lishi Refresher Course

Date: Wednesday 15th January
Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm
Location: Manchester
Cost: £275 + VAT (£50 deposit on booking) ... read more >

Cyber Monday Extended


Due to issues with Natwest and RBS we understand that some of our customers were unable to take advantage of our Cyber Monday promotion, therefore we are extending the deal until midnight tonight, so now everyone has the chance to enjoy 10% off everything at TradeLocks.

If you haven’t placed an order with TradeLocks for a while you may need to re-register, but don’t worry this will only take a couple of minutes. Once you have registered you will receive an automatic confirmation email to activate your account. So you can start placing orders straight away. ... read more >

Max6mum Marketing

We have stepped up the marketing for our retail brand MAX6MUM SECURITY® with the aim of establishing the brand as the “go to” for security and safety solutions.

The last month has seen some new developments for MAX6MUM SECURITY® with the launch of the new consumer website and the introduction of two new characters to the MAX6MUM SECURITY® family. We have also recently run a radio campaign to promote the Baby and Child Window-Safe™ Restrictor and are now sponsoring the Smooth Radio North West Toy Appeal. ... read more >

UAP Are Doubling Their Children In Need Donation

It’s Children in Need day! We made a promise at the beginning of the week that we would donate 1% of every invoice raised to the charity and we have received some fantastic support from our customers.

But now we would like to give one final push to ensure that we give all we can to Children in Need, therefore we will be doubling our donation. ... read more >

UAP launch their first Plasticine Mortice Impressioning Set

After 12 months in development and a very large investment, we are finally ready to launch the first of 6 TradeLocks’ Mortice Lock Impressioning Sets. The first to be released is the Legge Black British Standard Kit which also decodes the Legge Value and the ASEC locks. For one month only this incredible kit is just £99 + VAT online from ... read more >

UAP are giving to Children in Need

Here at UAP we take charity seriously and few companies have dedicated more of their time and resources to charitable projects.

This year we are giving a percentage of every invoice we raise during the week of Children in Need to the charity. The money raised will go towards helping disadvantaged children and young people throughout the UK.

So, the more our customers support UAP, the more UAP will give to this great charity. ... read more >

Don’t get burnt with copy Lishi tools

Genuine Lishi is the most recognised and prestigious auto locksmith tool brand in the World, the range is constantly increasing far beyond its original range of picks and 2-in-1’s. The Genuine Lishi brand is the customers recognition of a tool that is well developed, superbly produced and will do the job you want it to do.

The Genuine Lishi brand is the customers’ sign of confidence. Confidence that the tool will last, the tool will perform its job, and should there be anything wrong then Genuine Lishi distributors will stand behind the guarantees on the tool. ... read more >

Auto Locksmith Exhibition Offers Available from TradeLocks

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Auto Locksmith Exhibition over the weekend due to traffic, storms or just scheduling conflicts, we’re extending some of the incredible show deals until Thursday October 31st.

So you have until midnight on Halloween night to take advantage of the following special offers.

*Offers included in this email are valid from 1.00pm Monday 28th October 2013 to 12.00am Thursday 31st October. Valid on online orders only in the UK, Northern Ireland and ROI. Whilst stocks last. ... read more >

Auto Locksmith Exhibition 2013 Preview

The Auto Locksmith Exhibition is fast approaching and we have some showstopping deals that make it an event not to be missed.

With up to 65% off all trade prices, we will have exclusive offers on over 40 different auto tools and training equipment – from tension tools, air wedges and pick sets, to training locks, vices and key cutters.

We have also slashed the prices of Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 Pick/Decoders which will be just £49.99 + VAT at the show. Visitors will also be able to benefit from our new laser engraving service as we will be offering free personalised laser engraving on all 2-in-1’s purchased*. ... read more >