‘Car Keys on Your Phone’ For Less

Auto locksmiths, want to offer your customers that bit extra? We have the solution! Our Car Keys on Your Phone App is the first of it’s kind and will help you make more profits in 3 ways;

1. By selling the gadget as an upgrade when attending a vehicle lockout situation.

2. By selling it to young people wanting the latest gadgets and technology.

3. Sell it as a safety feature for loved ones – no one wants to leave a baby locked in a car while they wait for a locksmith for example.

And until Thursday the 30th of March you can get it with 25% OFF! 

Plus, when you buy 3 or more you’ll also receive a FREE splitter cable! 

car keys on your phone

The Car Keys on your Phone App will allow you to offer your customers an additional service, the ability to unlock their own car doors using just their smartphone – that is once the software has been installed by you, the professional – there is no other way. 

keydiy phone

Benefits for You 

Your customers don’t want to repeat the situation and the hassle of having to call out a locksmith if they lock their keys in their car again. So, chances are they would snap your hand off at the opportunity to solve the problem themselves – especially in the time of gadgets and gizmos! Car lovers and the technology savvy will love this and it will fast become a must have item – making offering this particular service very profitable for you indeed.

Features for the Customer

  • Ability to open their car doors at the click of a button – quickly, safely and securely.
  • Lock and unlock your car, including doors and the boot, when the key is locked inside.
  • Password protection for peace of mind.
  • App can be installed on up to 3 devices.
  • Protect your loved ones by always having access to their vehicle in emergencies.
  • Available on both Android and Apple devices, in ITunes or the Google Play Store.
  • Connected to a phone easily via Bluetooth.
  • Extra security as it can only be installed by a locksmith.
  • Sound the panic button in times they cannot find their car.
  • Saves them £££ in the long run if this happens again.

How to Install Car Keys on Your Phone: 

It works by generating a remote using the KD900 and a KD entry dongle, and then pairing it to the mobile smartphone app via Bluetooth. An auto locksmith must install the OBD entry into the car either manually or diagnostically for the system to work.

Manual Installation:

 Diagnostic Installation: