Cars, Keys & Locks, Edition 2!

Got a VAG HU162 Lock that needs tackling and not sure how to go about it? Not up to date with the latest innovation in transponder chip technology? Just got the new Tango transponder programmer and not sure where to begin? The latest edition of Cars, Keys and Locks covers all this and more!


In the latest edition of Cars, Keys & Locks – the most comprehensive locksmith guide in the industry you’ll be given the second part in the extensive VAG locks guide. In issue 1 readers were given all the low down on VAG locks, generations 1, 2 and 3; this edition covers HU162 locks and includes even more picking processes, picture guides and decoding instructions.

You’ll get full details of the newest lock picking innovation, the ABS Opening Tool (not manufactured by ABS). The only tool on the market that can defeat the ABS 3* cylinder in just minutes. Plus, the latest transponder innovation from Kelyine, the Glass Chip will be explained in full.

Cars, Keys and Locks is a no nonsense technical journal. Written by locksmiths for locksmiths. The A5 Publication is compact and easy to carry, and designed to be used as a reference point when you are out on a job. Soon the free binder will be released and will come inclusive with a handy reference index to find the article or guide you’re looking for.

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