Launched: Cars, Keys & Locks! The ONLY Technical Magazine for the Locksmith

No news, no nonsense! Just 40 pages of pure procedural and technical articles.


Cars, Keys & Locks is the new technical magazine from Tradelocks, which focuses on solving the problems of the everyday auto, safe and domestic locksmiths. Written by locksmiths for locksmiths, the magazine features pure technical content, including:

  • Comprehensive how to guides using live photographs from actual jobs to illustrate how to use tools and perform certain jobs that have many stumped
  • In depth articles regarding the latest products and innovations on the market. The magazine will give detailed instructions and use real life scenarios to demonstrate how to use some of the newest and most pioneering products available.
  • Top tips and insight from industry leading professionals such as Massimo Bianchi from Keyline and Chris Belcher. You’ll get the best industry knowledge from the best in the business
  • Solutions to current issues faced by professionals

What can you expect to find in the 1st edition? 

cars keys locks

  • Tackling VAG Locks > Part 1 (generation 1,2 and 3) – a comprehensive guide from Martin Pink
  • Ask the expert – Each issue Martin Pink will be answering you’re auto locksmithing questions, so get in touch!
  • Unlocked: The solution to keyless Car Access – A detailed guide on how to install the brand new and in demand KD Entry device and app Car Keys on Your Phone 
  • The solution for making keys for VAG vehicles 2001 to 2013 (SuperVAG) – a step to step guide on using SuperVAG 
  • The Megamos Crypto EnigmaMassimo Bianchi talks us through decryptor cloning from the beginning
  • On the Bench: The ins and outs of lock bumping  

The A5 Publication is compact and easy to carry, and designed to be used as a reference point when you are out on a job. Soon the free binder will be released and will come inclusive with a handy reference index to find the article or guide you’re looking for.

Published every 2 months, CKL is FREE to subscribe to!

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