Tradelocks: Official Sponsors of the Lock Expo

lock expo

The countdown is on for the Annual Locksmiths Exhibition on the 27th and 28th of this month.  Now in its seventh year, the Expo which will take place in Nottingham’s East Midlands Conference Centre will see industry leading suppliers and manufacturers showcasing the very best in locksmithing tools and products. 

We will be this years sponsors and will be showcasing a range of products, special offers and offering FREE training and demonstrations. ... read more >

Get the NEW, Super Strong, Super Sturdy, Super Snapper

New and improved in design, the Super Snapper Bar from Chris Belcher is now available here at Tradelocks – making easy work of breaking difficult cylinders.


If you are a domestic locksmith and work with cylinders everyday – then this is the tool for you! Aimed at breaking high security cylinders, this tool is agile and easy to use. All Euro Cylinders can be broken effortlessly with this product and it promises to defeat just about any anti-snap feature modern locks are fitted with. ... read more >

New Year, New Products!

Start the new working year off on the right key, with products from Tradelocks 


New Year, new you? How about New Year new services for your customers? Start 2016 as you mean for it to continue – with the best possible products that will give your customers the best possible services.

We offer a wide range of products for the domestic, auto and safe locksmith and supply for some of the biggest manufacturers in the business including Keyline and Genuine Lishi. ... read more >

Nothing but a Treat from Tradelocks this Halloween!


It’s not a trick! This Halloween all orders made from will be VAT FREE – proving the only thing you’ll be getting from us this Halloween is a treat.

Our not so scary Halloween Promotion will be on offer all week, from the 30th of October until the 31st.

Why not take advantage of this fantastic deal and get stocked up with all those products you’ll need over the coming months. ... read more >

Peterson Picking Made Easy, With Hands-On Help from the Legend Himself

This week, we had a surprising-yet exciting-visit from one of the most respected and familiar faces in the locksmith industry. Yes, that’s right; Ken Peterson dropped into TradeLocks HQ for a fleeting appearance, and he was more than welcome! The 6th Annual Locksmiths Expo down in Nottingham proved to be such a huge success, and we were sorry that the event had to come to an end. So it was met with a huge sigh of relief that we had something else to look forward to after all of the weekend’s goings-on. We supply the largest range of Peterson tools on the market, and have just recently introduced some brand new products into the range, which meant that he came at EXACTLY the right time! ... read more >

The 2 Day TradeLocks Vehicle Opening Course-How Was it for You?

On the second day of the TradeLocks Vehicle Opening Course, both Richard Breslin and Martin Pink thought it would be an excellent idea to focus on specific locks, such as Ford. Ford locks are notoriously difficult to pick but, seeing as Ford models are the most popular make of car on the road by a considerable margin, anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the auto locksmith trade needs to be relatively competent when dealing with Ford locks, otherwise their services will be somewhat limited. Therefore, Ford lock picking is an essential skill to master, which is why Martin and Richard (both of who are respected authorities when it comes to the fine art of Lishi) wanted to concentrate on this particular aspect of Lishi-picking in order for trainees to develop and expand their skills and become more knowledgeable and confident in the process. ... read more >

Practice Makes Perfect on the 2 Day Vehicle Opening Locksmith Course

2 day

As soon as he sat down at his workstation, Henry explained the reason why he booked a flight to Manchester as soon as word started spreading that there was to be another 2 Day Vehicle Opening Locksmith Course in the pipeline, “I wanted to gain more experience in the auto locksmith industry in order to expand my client base and generate more customer awareness. I remember locking my own keys in my E200 Mercedes Benz years ago, and had no clue how to get them out without causing any damage to the lock; but now I am aware of what to do in this situation. However, there is still a lot to learn-which is why I am here!” ... read more >

Get Proficient With Peterson Picks and Tools at the 6th Annual Locksmiths’ Expo!

lock expo

The Locksmiths’ Exhibition returns in 2015 for its sixth year, and we expect that it is going to be bigger-and better-than ever before! On Saturday 7th March (09:30-17:30) to Sunday 8th March (09:00-15:30), locksmiths from across the UK and Ireland-as well as further overseas-will descend upon the East Midlands Conference Centre, University Park, Nottingham, to attend one of the most eagerly-anticipated and prestigious occasions of the calendar year; and we cannot wait! ... read more >

Locksmith Training Courses Perfectly Demonstrate the Art of Lishi


Here at TradeLocks, we always believe that you can improve and progress as a professional, regardless of how experienced you may be. Everyone can learn new skills and perfect their overall performance, and one of the most effective ways in which you can expand and develop your services is by attending one of our informative, educational Locksmith Training Courses. ... read more >

The Disc Detainer Padlock Pick-Designed to Make your Working Life So Much Easier

disc 1

As a professional, you are faced with a variety of different obstacles on a daily basis, and therefore you need to be prepared for all inevitabilities. Here at TradeLocks, we supply such a broad reaching assortment of incomparable General Tools, which have been designed with the specific intention to make your working life that little bit easier. The high quality Disc Detainer Padlock Pick is ever so versatile and user-friendly, and can be operated regularly without becoming damaged in the process. Though you may not have to take the Disc Detainer Padlock Pick out every day, it will still need to be used frequently, as the majority of Abloy-type locks (such as Blackspur and Monteray locks) are rather expensive. As opposed to breaking the lock open, it is perhaps far more agreeable for the owner to call upon a locksmith to complete the job, as this will give them the opportunity to simply get a replacement key. ... read more >

Non-Destructive Entry Tools save Time and Money

Spreader #1

Professional locksmiths use a variety of different methods and techniques in order to defeat a lock, and the first-and most preferred-is to use non-destructive entry tools. By defeating a lock using non-destructive entry tools, you save a great deal of time and money in the process, so it is obvious why this is such an attractive prospect. If you can stick to a budget whilst simultaneously seeing profits increase then this will give business a real boost and put you in an incredibly strong position as far as your reputation is concerned, as you will never have to compromise on quality and service. With non-destructive entry tools you can complete tasks with consummate ease and efficiency and still bring home a considerable profit. ... read more >

Defeat Safe Locks Successfully with the Unbeatable CB La Gard 2200 Variable Tool and VMI (Variable Magnetic Indicator)

gard 1

The majority of professional locksmiths who work with safes on a frequent basis are faced with the tricky La Gard lock, which tends to have some issues with the key guide Tooth in the entrance of the key way. This key guide Tooth tends to snap and break off, which makes it nigh on impossible to manipulate and defeat with standard, run of the mill safe lock tools. The TradeLocks Chris Belcher La Gard 2200 Variable Tool and VMI (Variable Magnetic Indicator) was specifically developed out of frustration that, previously, there were no alternative tools to effectively work in conjunction with the La Gard 2200 Safe if it has been damaged in any way. The CB La Gard 2200 Variable Tool and VMI is the most suitable tool to use on this type of lock, and is also incredibly basic. ... read more >

Pick Up Some Exclusive Discount Deals in the BIG TradeLocks Sale


If you are to succeed in your chosen field of expertise and really want to make a name for yourself then it is imperative that you stay one step ahead of the competition at all times. Thinking of innovative and inventive ways in which you can improve and expand your range of services is always a good idea, as developing your facilities and offering a wider spectrum of solutions will forever work in your favour. ... read more >

Peterson’s Picks and Tools-Flying the Flag for Quality and Innovation

pet 1

Peterson’s unbeatable range of Picks and Tools are a staple essential for any locksmith, regardless of how much skill and expertise they have under their belts. They are an essential investment for professionals looking to make a real name for themselves in the trade, and guarantee that tasks will be completed with consummate ease and maximum efficiency. Our fantastic collection of Peterson’s Picks and Tools is nothing short of perfection, as we have spent a great deal of time and effort making sure that each and every item is of the highest calibre. We have put together this unbeatable catalogue of choices for both domestic and auto locksmiths so that all of your commercial and individual requirements are catered for, and guarantee speedy, fast shipping. ... read more >

Stock Up on Your Collection of General Tools Today, thanks to TradeLocks!

gen 1

As a professional locksmith you will be faced with a variety of different-and difficult-obstacles, which need to be overcome with minimal disruption to your daily duties. Therefore, you have to be prepared for all inevitabilities and have the right general tools to hand, as this will put you in an extremely strong position.  You may not have to use general tools such as Burgess 5-Piece Mortice Key Opening Tools every day, but they do come in handy if a key has been left in a lock on the inside of a property. As far as general tools go, Burgess 5-Piece Mortice Key Opening Tools are simple yet essential, and are constructed from the finest stainless steel on the market. ... read more >

Nigel Tolley Euro Cylinder Plug Puller Sets- The Locksmith’s Friend

If you are a professional locksmith and really want to make a name for yourself in the industry, then you must invest in appropriate cylinder tools in order to guarantee success and cement your reputation. Here at TradeLocks, we offer a diverse and wide ranging selection of highly desirable and sought after cylinder tools, as well as more specialised options so that all bases are covered. If you have something specific in mind then just let us know as we will take any bespoke requirements into consideration. Shipping throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom, we supply quality lock tools for cylinders exclusively developed for homeowners in Great Britain and Ireland. Choosing the finest cylinder lock tooling on the market will set you apart from the rest of the competition and allow you to get a better return on your investment. It’s a win-win situation! ... read more >

Grab a Bargain Buy Today at the Tradelocks BIG January Sale!!

JSaleNow that the holidays are over and it’s back to work, the January blues could start to set in, and so we thought that our loyal Tradelocks customers deserved an extra-special treat to celebrate the beginning of a brand-new year. 2015 marks the start of a fresh era, and the majority of locksmiths are more than likely deciding whether or not to stock up on new equipment so that they can offer their client base a diverse and wide ranging variety of services, tailored to suit all specifications. However, it is common knowledge that, after all of the Yuletide festivities, it is highly feasible that you will not have that much cash to splash, and must keep a close eye on your outgoings in order to ensure that you do not go into the red. ... read more >

May we Present…. the Versatile, User Friendly uPVC Door Opening Kit


The TradeLocks uPVC Door Opening Kit is designed for those people who need to gain lawful access to a domestic property, or who are just starting out in the locksmith trade. With simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, new locksmiths will be able to easily work out the most efficient way in which to enter a building, with minimal disruption. And we have recently made an educational and informative video (that you can see right here), which explains in detail how to use the uPVC Door Opening Kit effectively, so that it reaches its maximum potential. ... read more >

Book Your Place on A TradeLocks Lock Opening Course and Perfect Your Performance

Lishi Workshop #2

Due to incredibly high demand, TradeLocks has been investing in developing our very own fully-equipped locksmith training centre based in Dundalk, Co. Louth, from where we will offer regular vehicle and lock opening courses. The course will begin with vehicle opening, where we will go in far more depth and discuss the locks and how they operate. These hands-on, practical modules will be extremely demonstrative, with each trainee having their own individual locks and tools to use. We will look in detail at the different methods adopted for entry, including the handling of Overlifters, Rakes and Jigglers. After this, we will then progress to using the now world-famous Genuine Lishi NightVision tools, and Genuine Lishi Tibbe merchandise. ... read more >

On the 11th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders for Only £12.50 + VAT!!!

Spreader #1

The use of Door Spreaders has grown rapidly in popularity due to the widespread replacement of standard doors with uPVC doors. TradeLocks offers not only the finest range of Door Spreaders on the market, but can 100% guarantee that these products reach you in perfect condition as every item is thoroughly checked before despatch. Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders are extremely well-known in the professional locksmith trade as they are of the highest quality and have been developed with usability and effectiveness in mind. They are innovative and original, and constantly impress on all levels and will give your business a real boost, which is why so many people have decided to invest in Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders as opposed to other tooling of a similar ilk. ... read more >

On the 10th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…..The Chris Belcher Button Gauge Set for Only £15.00 + VAT!!!!!


If you are searching for the perfect solution when it comes to enhancing and expanding your catalogue of locksmith services then the Universal 7 Gauge 2-in-1 Pick Set is ideal. It is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to stay one step ahead of the competition and add safe lock picking to the already impressive list of tasks which you can undertake with ease and efficiency. With a variety of top quality lock tools which can be adjusted accordingly to help you pick a broad reaching assortment of safe locks you will automatically increase your customer base and allow your business to grow at a steady rate. ... read more >

On the 9th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…….The Peterson Phoenix Automotive GSP Pick Set for Only £75.00 + VAT!!!!


Due to the fact that locksmiths are encountering more and more Euro-Style Keyways, Peterson’s have developed new Government Steel Plastic (GSP) Series Picks which have a specific “EURO” design in order to allow access to be gained into keyways which had been designed to be restrictive and limiting. Peterson’s added profile designs-which had already been tested in EURO Keyways-and placed them into the world-famous Peterson Moulded Plastic Handles. The picks in these Peterson sets are cheaper, more lightweight and transmit far less vibration than other products of a similar type, thus making your working life far easier. The smooth edges around the picks make you think that these particular picks have ball bearings, but instead they have been through the brand new tumble/polish process during manufacture. ... read more >

On the 5th Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me……The Budget Snapper Bar for Only £15.00 + VAT!!!


Every professional locksmith should have at least one Destructive Entry Tool in their van or toolbox in order to complete jobs effectively which require fast entry through destruction of the cylinder lock. TradeLocks features numerous durable, hard wearing lock tools, which make forced destructive entry a great deal easier. There are a number of circumstances where there is no other alternative but to use destructive entry, but the most common of cases is when the homeowner has forgotten or mislaid their keys (or they were stolen) and prefers a new lock for security reasons. Another likely situation is when a door has to be opened as quickly as possible due to there being only a limited amount of time in which to carry out a task, and therefore you need to act swiftly and pro-actively. ... read more >

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me….The RPCP 3 Piece Set Deal PLUS a FREE Decoder for ONLY £199.99 + VAT!!!!

3 cb

Our fantastic 12 Days of Christmas campaign is going ever so well so far, and we hope to continue keeping up the good work with our next special offer. This deal is far too good to miss out on, and it does not matter whether you are a seasoned professional locksmith or keen amateur who is just starting out in the industry as we guarantee that everyone will be thrilled with this latest bargain buy. Chris Belcher is a well-known and respected authority in the locksmithing trade, and his knowledge and expertise knows no bounds. After the recent success of the fantastic TradeLocks Open Weekend, he has become even more of an established name due to his immense talent and wisdom. When it comes to demonstrating how his branded tooling works, there is no-one better befitting the bill.   ... read more >

And on the 1st Day of Christmas, TradeLocks Gave to Me…..4 x Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 Tools for ONLY £120+VAT!!!

lishiiChristmas is fast approaching, and it is a time when people really do go all out as regards blowing their budget on little luxuries which they do not normally indulge in. When the festive season is in full swing it means that small extravagances are within anyone’s budget, even if it means cutting back on expenditures in January. Locksmiths across the United Kingdom flock to TradeLocks in order to take advantage of the incredible deals on offer, as our tooling, accessories and remotes are affordable, reliable and designed for durability. Even though we strive to keep rates to an absolute minimum, this does not mean that we compromise on quality, as each and every item bears the hallmark of superiority and excellence. ... read more >

Chris Belcher-The Best in the Business

chris b

Chris Belcher is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced locksmiths in the industry, as he has developed some highly impressive, sought after domestic locksmith tooling which professionals use on a daily basis. The tools are primarily focused on making opening mortice locks and safes a great deal easier-and faster. With ground-breaking, revolutionary designs such as the Chris Belcher Taper Pin Set for Safe Repairs and the Universal 7 Gauge Safe 2 in 1 Pick Set (and much more besides), it’s no wonder his locksmith tools are considered desirable amongst those in the know. ... read more >

A Record-Breaking Turnout at the 1st TradeLocks Open Weekend

lishi workshop #1

Here at UAP Limited, we were expecting quite a few familiar faces-as well as new acquaintances-at the TradeLocks Open Weekend, and we were certainly not disappointed! In actual fact, over a hundred locksmiths turned up for the TradeLocks Open Weekend, which ran from the 22nd-23rd November, and we saw an incredible surge in sales after both professionals and amateurs participated in informative, educational demos. These fantastic courses were taught by industry legends, who have years of expertise under their belts, and they were more than happy to share their extensive wealth of knowledge with keen apprentices as well as fully-fledged, seasoned specialists. ... read more >

Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tube and Case Demonstration

tubesGenuine Lishi only supplies the most sought-after products on the market, which are thoroughly and meticulously checked before delivery so that they reach you in impeccable condition. In order to keep up with ever- changing trends and developments, Genuine Lishi constantly updates and expands their already impressive collection of quality stock in order to furnish customers with innovative tooling equipment at affordable rates. And one of the most popular items in their extensive catalogue of merchandise is adaptable, resourceful Genuine Lishi NightVision Tube packaging. ... read more >

Have All Your UAP Products Laser Engraved, Including Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tools

lishi 1

Here at UAP Limited we constantly strive to come up with new products and innovative inventions, and develop our range of services and techniques in order to help our customers. Our team of experts are determined to ensure that locksmiths maintain their tools, and if they get lost or stolen then they can be returned to their rightful owner in the quickest time possible, with the help of laser engraving. Laser engraving personalises equipment such as Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 tools (pictured above) and makes it look eye-catching, attractive and unique. If you are a professional locksmith who is looking to make your name in the industry then laser engraving is an absolute must as it is ever so quick and simple yet makes an incredible difference. It only takes a matter of minutes yet transforms products into highly desirable items. We always aim to keep our rates to an absolute minimum, which is why we are considered to be a leading authority when it comes to supplying superior locksmith tooling at affordable prices. ... read more >

MAX6MUM SECURITY is the Full Package


All MAX6MUM SECURITY equipment comes highly recommended by satisfied commercial and domestic customers as it is of the highest standard, and consistently exceeds even the highest of expectations. If you want to safeguard a building such as an office or warehouse then MAX6MUM SECURITY supplies are ideal as they are durable, hard wearing and resourceful. Each and every one of our mortice locks, door knockers and letterplates has been manufactured entirely from scratch with the primary intention of providing customers with a simple solution to security issues. Careful measures are undertaken to prevent common methods for breaking in as MAX6MUM SECURITY equipment comes complete with numerous added security features. ... read more >

TradeLocks’ Dragons Announce Tony Carter As Competition Winner

After receiving hundreds of entries and whittling them down to just five to be put forward for the public vote, our Dragons have finally found a winner for our Dragons’ Den competition. After months of anticipation, the winner has now been announced as, Tony Carter, owner of Earls Barton Locksmiths, who won with a staggering fifty per cent of the votes. ... read more >

A Fantastic NEW Tool Developed by Chris Belcher- Available Exclusively From Tradelocks

Offering greater control and a reduced end weight, the new CB LaGard 220. Designed with a sliding aluminium thumbturn instead of a bar, the CB LaGard 2200 gives users much finer control.0 Variable Tool & VMI (Variable Magnetic Indicator) is a must-have addition to the Chris Belcher range for manipulating LaGard 2200 safe locks.

This means the thumbturn slides along the picking stem so that operators are able to bring the thumbturn closer to the safe door face.  This, in turn, removes the ‘end-weight’, which can often adversely affect picking. ... read more >

A Great Weekend- MLA Expo 2011

A Fantastic Weekend For The Locksmithing World

What a brilliant show. We would like to thank the industry experts that joined us on our stand including Chris Belcher, Les Burgess, Martin Pink and Nigel Tolley who proved popular with visitors, many of which bagged some handy tips on their new tools. We were also joined by our American friends Jim Broadhurst and Jim Hetchler, along with our
Chinese colleagues Queenie and Hattie. ... read more >

2 Days To Go Until the MLA Expo… Demo’s

2 Days To Go Until The MLA Expo…

Who better to ask about Tradelocks newest products then the creators themselves? With the opportunity to see the experts using some of your favourite UAP Tradelocks products it’s just one reason why this year’s MLA expo is a must.

Chris Belcher

With a Royal naval engineering background, Chris’s knowledge and skills have enabled him to develop some of the cleverest tools on the market. The RPCP is just one example of his work engineered to an exceptional standard. ... read more >

“Catch up on the latest developments in the world of locksmithing and security” MLA Expo 2011

UAP Tradelocks would like to invite you to the MLA Expo 2011…

When: 9-11th September
Where: Telford International Centre


Taking place at the Telford International Centre on the 9th-11th September, the MLA Expo is the ideal event to keep up to speed with the latest developments within the world of locksmithing and physical security. As platinum sponsors, UAP Tradelocks will be providing you with a show to remember. ... read more >

Introducing Martin Pink’s Electric Pickgun – The Second Generation

It’s been a non stop success since the start for Tradelocks,  and this month marks the highly anticipated launch of Martin Pink’s Electric Pickgun – The Second Generation.

Striving for perfection, Tradelocks have worked with the most prestigious locksmiths and engineers in the security industry and combined their knowledge and skill, with valuable resources and quality sourced materials, to produce tools like no other on the market. ... read more >

Pink’s Electric Pickgun – An honest review

Pink’s Electric Pickgun – An Honest and Professional Review

Last November, Tradelocks launched the Pink’s Electric Pick Gun which promised to be a must have tool for locksmiths. Four months on, we’re seeing positive feedback which proves that Tradelocks got it right.

Raf, a locksmith from Israel, has posted an unbiased review giving an honest account of using the pickgun for the first time, problems which may be encountered initially if the pickgun isn’t used in the correct way, and advice on how to overcome these issues. Click here to view Raf’s full review and video. ... read more >

Tradelocks Reveal their Top Signings

At Tradelocks, we pride ourselves on bringing you exceptionally high quality tools – an achievement that has only been made possible by signing deals with some of the most reputable locksmith engineers in the world. We’d like to welcome you to our exclusive Signature Range, where we celebrate each individual who has designed tools for Tradelocks. ... read more >

New Impressioning Kit from the UAP Signature Range

We are pleased to announce the launch of the next great new tool from the UAP Signature range. There is a huge demand for impressioning especially since the advent of the new high security cylinders that have appeared on the market over the last 2 years. The new impressioning kit from the UAP Signature range comprises a high specification Lightbox and a specially designed hand vice. ... read more >

Tradelocks have teamed up with Chris Belcher to bring you Quality Tools now at Tradelocks Quality Prices

cb-1Tradelocks have signed an exclusive agreement with Chris Belcher to produce the Belcher Reversible Pocket Curtain Pick 5g and 7g Tools plus the Belcher Button Gauge. Designed to open British Standard Mortice Locks, these tools are renowned for being the best in the world.


Anyone in the lock & security industry will be familiar with Chris Belcher. One of the countries most renowned locksmith engineers, Chris’s knowledge and skills has enabled him to develop some of the cleverest tools on the market.  The RPCP is just one example of his tools engineered to an exceptional standard. We spoke to Chris recently and he explained how he developed the tool. ... read more >

The Don Braidwood Door Spreader Tool


It’s common knowledge that the door spreader tool is renowned for being a must have tool for uPVC door opening. Originally designed by the highly respected double glazing repair engineer Don Braidwood in the mid-nineties, the tool wasn’t known to others in the industry until Don became familiar on the locksmith forums. Don started to run double glazing repair courses approved by the Institute of Certified Locksmiths where he would demonstrate how easy it is to use his tool, and it became obvious that while it wasn’t yet available on the market, it was exactly what anyone working in the uPVC industry needed and would therefore become a must have tool.

With locksmiths rating this piece of kit so highly, we decided to go one step further and develop a tool that would beat all the others on the market.

We have manufactured our door spreaders in stainless steel as a guarantee that they will be both hardwearing and corrosion proof, and are by far the lowest cost on the market. Tradelocks are offering two versions of this tool – the standard 455mm, and the 755mm which offers slightly more leverage. And at the moment, as a special promotional price, Tradelocks are offering these for just £19.99 (+VAT) each. We are also offering our customers both the 455mm and 755mm Door Spreaders as a twin pack for outstanding value – you can get hold of the pair for just £29.99 (+VAT).   ... read more >