Let the Countdown Begin! On the 1st day of Christmas Tradelocks gave to me…

… the Chris Belcher Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick at its lowest ever price – the first of our fantastic Christmas deals! Not sure why? Well the countdown to Christmas is on, and to help get everyone in good spirits we are giving customers a fantastic deal every single day, for 12 days, in the lead up to the holidays.


Starting today and ending on Monday the 19th of December, we will be running our very festive ‘12 Days of Christmas’ promotion. On each day we will reveal at least one product which will be on offer for 1 day only!

Today’s deal is on the Chris Belcher Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick, which is just £110 + VAT – that’s a further reduction of £100 from the previous sales price.

Chris Belcher Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick


Got a mortice lock that needs picking? The Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick has been designed for ease of use, functionality and effectiveness on multiple mortice locks.

We have teamed up with leading locksmith professional Chris Belcher to create this lock pick which is made to open all curtain bolt thrown mortice locks, including BSI rated locks, and locks from the Chubb detainer series.

The pioneering pick covers all 9 gauges of a keyhole and has a thumb turn design for lever angle recognition – making it simple and effective at opening mortice locks in wooden doors.

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