Coming Soon From UAP

We have been busy here at UAP developing several innovative new products to be launched at the FIT Show.


To help our customers comply with the new TS007 3* standards we are releasing a high quality, ergonomically designed 2 star handle range that is packed with state of the art features.The MAX6MUM SECURITY 2 Star Handle has an integrated cylinder guard adding extra protection against lock snapping. The handle also has self-adhesive tabs to add to the attack resistance, assist in easy fitting and to aid water penetration resistance.

The handle is Secured by Design and is available in Black, White, Gold and Silver Anodised and is made from aerospace grade aluminium.

NANOCOAST® Door Handles

For doors located in coastal regions or highly polluted areas then our new Nanocoast® Door Handles are perfect. In these areas salt and acid rain attack the coatings making them tarnish very quickly, Nanocoast® products don’t.

The Nanocoast® Door Handles are made from high grade Stainless Steel, SS304, and have been salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for 2000 hours. They have been designed to last a lifetime.

These door handles are available in our standard range and our MAX6MUM SECURITY 2 Star range. They come in Satin Silver Stainless Steel, Mirror Polished Stainless Steel and PVD Gold finishes, and in two backplate sizes; 219mm and 243mm.

Revolutionary NEW iPlate®       

At the FIT Show we will be launching a revolutionary new letterplate, the iPlate®. It has been a long time since anyone has done anything different with the design of the letterplate and so we thought it was time to do something about this.

We wanted the iPlate to offer something different and to eliminate the flaws found on other letterplates, so we consulted with the Royal Mail during design. The iPlate provides a solution to fingers getting caught and to bristles falling off. It has also been constructed to be corrosion proof.

The iPlate has a modern look that sets it apart visually to all other letterplates – but we’re not going to tell you why. You’ll have to come and visit us on stand 2-110 at the FIT Show to see what makes the iPlate a step up from the norm.

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