Clients on a Budget but want Quality? Consider the TradeLocks Budget Cylinders

Don’t let the name fool you. The TradeLocks Budget Cylinders only have a budget price sticker yet all of the features of high quality and expensive cylinder locks.


Impressive in every way these budget cylinders will be ideal for any client that has a lower budget for door security or is looking to improve on security in several sectors of the door and has broken down the budget so as to not only get new cylinders fit but other security hardware.

So, what makes these budget EUro cylinders better than the rest priced the same or even higher?

Each of the cylinders features 5 high quality pins with anti-pick mushrooms ensuring that even professional locksmiths will be stumped when attempting to pick the lock. To ensure that only drilling with a professional locksmith drill attachment is possible anti-drill pins are also fitted to assure further door security. In order to protect from common break-in methods such as bumping features such as the patented Anti-Bump Zero Lift Pin System is also a key feature making the TradeLocks Budget Cylinders stand out above the rest.

Designed and manufactured to be as smooth as possible each cylinder is highly polished and developed for easy fitting, durability, and use. Professionals have an array of options to offer their clients as not only are there two finish options, Nickel and Brass but also options such as the TradeLocks Double Euro Cylinder, TradeLocks Keyed Alike Cylinders in pairs, and the impressive TradeLocks Thumbturn Cylinder which is ideal for the elderly or those with limited hand movement.


Each TradeLocks Budget Cylinder option is available in a variety of sizes so as to ensure that you find the ideal fit to ensure the cylinder is snug within the door to prevent snapping. This is easily the best range of cylinder locks available on the market that offers not only a great variety of options not only in style but in sizes but the perfect choice as a professional to offer clients an option that has the budget price but the expensive high quality features they are looking for.

TradeLocks offers a range of great quality window and door security options and lock tools for professionals in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain so as to ensure that whatever your clients needs we have the tools and hardware to fit. For further size information, if you have questions about our range of TradeLocks Budget Cylinders or any other product feel free to contact us.