Deals on Domestic Locksmith Tools at Tradelocks

For one week only we have some fantastic deals on Chris Belcher tools, including the Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick, various RPCP sets, the RPCP Chubb 110 Kit and the Super Snapper Bar. 

The Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick

Got a mortice lock that needs picking? The Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick has been designed for ease of use, functionality and effectiveness on multiple mortice locks.

We teamed up with leading locksmith professional Chris Belcher to create this lock pick which is made to open all curtain bolt thrown mortice locks, including BSI rated locks, and locks from the Chubb detainer series.

The pioneering pick covers all 9 gauges of a keyhole and has a thumb turn design for lever angle recognition – making it simple and effective at opening mortice locks in wooden doors. This tool is incredible value for money on a good day, but here at Tradelocks, until Thursday the 10th of November, it can be bought for just £149.00 + VAT – that’s £61.00 off the normal sales price.


Super Snapper Bar

Chris Belcher tools are celebrated for being some of the best designed, effective and easy to use products the locksmith can buy, not to mention at excellent value for money. The mere name Chris Belcher is more than enough to describe the quality of the Super Snapper lock bypass tool, and this product is by far one of the best examples of his admirable work.

If you are a domestic locksmith and work with cylinders everyday – then this is the tool for you! Aimed at breaking high security cylinders, this tool is agile and easy to use. All Euro Cylinders can be broken effortlessly with this product and it promises to defeat just about any anti-snap feature modern locks are fitted with. As part of this week’s deal, the Super Snapper is half price at just £29.99 + VAT.


Taper Pin Repair Set

The Taper Pin Repair Set which is just £9.99, is a must have tool for anyone who often attends jobs repairing or working with safe locks.  This is a 160 piece hardened steel repair set which has been fully equipped to ensure you can take on any safe lock and supply an overall safe lock service.


RPCP Pre-Lifter Set

This reversible pocket curtain pick is designed specifically to open ERA Fortress mortice locks. All levers are lifted fractionally to allow ease of passage for the picking wire, which is unique, only requiring light tension when working – making a job far less effort. The pre-lifter set is available for just £54.99 + VAT until Thursday the 10th of November.


RPCP Chubb 110 Kit and Free Chubb 110 Decoder

The RPCP Chubb 110 Kit is now just £54.99 + VAT and we are even throwing in a free 110 decoder as part of this week’s deal. The tool is robust, allowing for picking of left and right hand mounted locks using the well know CB reversible picking wire and is designed to open Chubb mortice detainer locks.


Original RPCP Set

If you want to open British Standard mortice locks then the Original RPCP Set is the way to go. With this high quality curtain pick set, now just £109.00 + VAT, you’ll be able to open British Standard 5 gauge and 7 gauge locks. You’ll be making a saving of £40.00 when you purchase the set which includes a 5g curtain pick, a 7g curtain pick, 3 double ended wires (3 right hand, 3 left hand) and a lollipop wire holder. Of the 3 wires, there is a standard wire, a PLS wire, designed for the Securefast range of locks, and a F wire, designed for picking the ERA Fortress locks.


Plus, our 3 piece set deal means you can get the RPCP Pre-lifter set, the RPCP Chubb 110 kit and the Original RPCP set for just £209 + VAT and includes the free decoder!


But the saving to be made this week is when you buy all of the 6 Belcher tools which are on offer. You can get the RPCP Pre-lifter set, the RPCP Chubb 110 kit, the Original RPCP set, the taper pin set, the Super Snapper Bar and the Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick with the free decoder for just £369.00 + VAT!