Pick up a Bargain, Pick up an Electric Pick Gun Generation 4!

The all new electric pick gun generation 4 is the result of listening to our customers feedback and improving an already fantastic product!

Our customers are important to us and we care about your views and opinions, plus, here at Tradelocks always aims to supply the best possible product with constant development and testing.

You wanted a better battery life – so we redeveloped the circuitry for the lithium battery.

You wanted more power control – so we re-defined the adjustment system.

You wanted a plug spinner – so we added in the Tradelocks dual purpose plug spinner.

Plus much much more!

With that in mind, you can now get the Tradelocks Electric Pick Gun Generation 4 at the incredibly low price of just £125 + VAT. Thats a whole lot of power tool for just a small price!


The Electric Pick Gun Generation 4 

Ultimately this is one of the easiest to use picking tools you can get. It has been developed for easier learning and work for novice locksmiths, whilst making the overall work of an experienced locksmith that bit easier.

When developing the generation 4, we looked at 3 main aspects of the generation 3 pick gun to improve.

  1. Firstly we needed a tensioner and we developed one with industry expert ken peterson. The tensioner adds balance and strength to the tensioning process, giving the user increased control.
  2. Secondly, we believed the addition of a plug spinner would be the best step towards a more comprehensive kit.  That’s why we added the Tradelocks dual purpose plug spinner with auto attachment to the set. Plug spinners are used for many reasons, but generally they are needed when the auto or cylinder lock is picked in the wrong direction. It might also be used when the lock requires the plug to be rotated in one direction and then flipped. By using the plug spinner, high rotation torque is applied to the plug while picking the lock; this enables the lower pins to move across a shear line and helps prevent drivers from dropping into the lower chambers.
  3. Finally, we turned our attention the the pick gun itself. We improved the battery pack giving longer life power performance, and  improved the soldered joints as we know this pick gun has a massive amount of power and that can vibrate electrical joints.

By using the same power source as the previous EPG, the TradeLocks Generation 4 Electric Pick Gun battery offers long lasting life due to its unique lithium power. Unlike other tools it doesn’t drain when you aren’t using it. which means you don’t have to worry about re-charging it before each use or in between jobs – it can easily jump from one to the next. It also includes a brand new charging plug.

What makes the TradeLocks Generation 4 Electric Gun Set is so effective is that it bounces all the pins of a cylinder lock simultaneously up and down. This, combined with correct tensioning, makes the pins of the cylinder lock find their proper heights and thus the lock is opened. Unlike lock picking the TradeLocks EPG Generation 4 requires much less power and skill and gets the lock opened much faster. The Electric Pick Gun Set mirrors the overall excellent sleek signature design and numerous unique features which made it so popular, however it is simpler to use. Developed to be very lightweight in relation to its mechanism and size, the TradeLocks Generation 4 Electric Pick Gun is easier to handle and use, which is quite impressive considering its lithium battery source and unbelievable power.

Already got a Generation 1, 2 or 3 Pick Gun? 

If you want to upgrade your old pick gun, we will give you £50 back on your old gun when you resturn it to us in good working condition. So you’ll only pay £100 + VAT to exchange it for the brand new generation 4 pick gun.

This promotion is only valid until the 30th of June 2016, so get yours before prices go up. For more information go to http://www.tradelocks.co.uk/