FREE Key Codes With Genuine Lishi

 The auto-locksmith market has recently seen a major change with Peugeot and Citroen cancelling all non-dealer licences, thus limiting the provision of key codes to dealers only. It is believed that other car manufacturers are set to follow suit.

This new development has found some Auto-Locksmiths struggling to carry out these jobs, however this needn’t be the case. Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 Pick/Decoders enable you to find out the key codes yourself in less than 3 minutes. What’s more the key code is completely FREE!

So we say, look at this apparent ‘blow’ to the industry as a positive, take the opportunity to gain independence from the manufacturers and save yourself money on license fees at the same time.

To assist you with this transition we have put together a set deal including the four tools that will enable you to find the key codes for Citroen and Peugeot models. The set consists of the HU38 2-in-1 Pick/Decoder; VAT2 2-in-1 Pick/Decoder; NE72 2-in-1 Pick/Decoder and the NE78 2-in-1 Pick/Decoder.

To help you benefit further from this change we are offering a fantastic price on the Citroen/Peugeot set, when you buy the full set you’ll get four tools for the price of three.

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