Genuine Lishi Tools-The TradeLocks Product of the Week


Here at TradeLocks, we will do whatever it takes to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction every time, and always make sure our products are reasonably priced. And we have some more good news in store as our fantastic Genuine Lishi tools have been reduced even FURTHER, as most of our stocks have now COMPLETELY sold out! We can now fulfil our promise and offer discounted Night Vision tools in line with our pricing in the USA and other export territories.


So, for the next 7 days, Genuine Lishi tools are only £39.99 & VAT, saving over £20.00 & VAT per tool.  The remaining stocks of Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 standard picks and decoders are now being offered at £29.99 & VAT. If you prefer Blind Touch picks then they are now only £19.99 & VAT! So stock up on these products for less at TradeLocks. This offer ends on Sunday at 11:59pm, so you had better be quick if you do not want to miss out!

The reason why Genuine Lishi tools are considered so desirable and sought after is due to the fact that they are versatile, carefully constructed and designed with longevity and effectiveness in mind. Genuine Lishi tools are an essential purchase for any professional auto locksmith looking to make a name for themselves in the industry and come with the guarantee of true quality and excellence.

New cars are introduced on the market on a regular basis, which means that in order to keep up with consumer demand Genuine Lishi tools also have to be updated and upgraded on a regular basis. And we have a Lishi tool for practically any make and model of car, so you are in luck!

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