Introducing our ‘Super 6’ Domestic Locksmith Tools!

This week at TradeLocks we’ve selected six of our most popular domestic locksmith tools and are offering them at an even more amazing price than usual!

We’re committed to helping our customers save money on premium quality equipment. That’s why, until the end of Thursday 8th February we’re helping you save up to 49% on our Super 6 domestic locksmith tools!

Check out our Super 6 domestic locksmith tools:

TradeLocks Generation 4 Electric Pick Gun Set

TradeLocks Generation 4 Electric Pick Gun Set

If you’re a professional locksmith looking for a fast and easy alternative to standard cylinder lock picking then look no further!

We’ve redeveloped our 4th Generation Electric Pick Gun from the original and have made it better than ever! It is ultimately the easiest tool to use for picking locks and getting through jobs faster.

What makes it so effective is that it bounces all of the pins in a cylinder lock simultaneously up and down. This combined with proper and correct tensioning makes the pins of the cylinder find their proper height and in turn opens the lock.

Chris Belcher Super Snapper Bar

Chris Belcher Super Snapper Bar

The mere name Chris Belcher is more than enough to describe the quality of this tool. This fantastic snapper bar is by far one of the best examples of a beautifully designed lock tool that combines effectiveness and ease of use.

If you regularly work with cylinder locks and are looking for a tool that can withstand regular use – this is the tool for you! With the tool you’ll require very little time and effort to conquer any lock and gain access through a door with destructive entry.

it’s suitable for snapping all Euro profile cylinder locks and high security cylinders. In fact, this snapper bar can just about defeat every anti-snap feature than modern cylinder locks have today all all of the major brands that were tested!

Budget Snapper Bar

Budget Snapper Bar

The Budget Snapper bar is a high quality tool that has been designed for oval and Euro profile cylinders. It’s effective on any type of cylinder which protrudes more than 6mm from the door handle – so it’s normally limited to snapping cylinders once the door handles are removed.

One of the best things about the Budget Snapper Bar is that the two oval and Euro cylinder heads are replaceable! So if you use it on a certain profile more and it begins to wear away, you can simply unscrew the damaged side and order a new head for the bar. Because you’ll no longer need to replace the whole bar you’ll save money in the long run!

Premium Cylinder Snapper Bar

Premium Cylinder Snapper Bar

Sometimes your client is pushed for time or simply doesn’t mind if their lock is destroyed in the process of defeating it – and the Premium Snapper Bar is one of the easiest and fastest ways to do it!

A step up from the Budget Snapper Bar, the Premium option also comes with interchangeable heads which allow you to snap both oval and Euro profile cylinder locks.

One of the best things about this tool is that unlike other snapper bars on the market it actually allows you to snap a cylinder locks – oval or Euro profile – with a minimum of 2-3mm overhang!

Don Braidwoods 455mm and 755mm Door Spreader

Don Braidwoods 455mm and 755mm Door Spreaders

Don Braidwood’s products are well known in the professional locksmith trade for their high quality and innovative development. These door spreaders may look like spades, but they have been designed to move uPVC profiles enough in order to bypass the locking system on a uPVC style door!

Remember, you only have until the end of Thursday 8th February to make some serious savings on our Super 6 domestic locksmith tools! Don’t miss out – shop today!