iPlate – The most Innovative Letterplate in the World

Letterplate designs have been pretty stagnant for the past few years, with new releases being a variation of one basic design. So we decided to do something about it and have taken the Letterplate to the next level. 

The iPlate has a unique frameless design, patent pending soft close mechanism, corrosion proof construction, a unique un-sprung hinge and a patent pending magnetic ‘click to close’ feature.

The iPlate has many unique features that set it apart from anything else currently on the market. Inspiration for two of these features came from an unusual place, the bathroom. UAP’s MD David Jennings found inspiration for the soft close mechanism from a toilet seat, he saw it and work one day and thought, “why not for a letterplate”. Although the idea came from an unusual origin it makes perfect sense as it stops the problem of the flap snapping back on to the postman’s hand.”

The Royal Mail was consulted during the design process for the iPlate to ensure that it is both postman and child friendly.

The second idea to be born from the bathroom was the moulded in rubber brushes, like those found on a toothbrush. These stop the issue of lost brushes that can occur on inferior products. Like other UAP Letterplates the brushes are on the outside, making it easier for letters to be pushed through and putting a stop to unwanted items being pushed into the cavity.

The iPlate is available as part of our ‘fit and forget’ Anodised range and for areas with high salt levels, such as coastal regions, or high pollution, our Nanocoast range which protects against corrosion and has a life time guarantee.

The iPlate is on its way and ready for pre-order. As a thank you to early adopters, anyone who includes the iPlate in their order will be put in for the chance to win a FREE iPad*.

Contact the UAP Sales Dept for more info 0161 796 7268 or email Sales@uapcorporate.com

Valid for UAP orders only. Closing date 9am Friday 26th August 2013.