Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Thanks to Tradelocks and Keyline


Let keys be cloned, from now on… with your brand new Keyline Cloning Machine and software.

It’s day 12 and our final deal is a corker! Get the Keyline 884 Decryptor Mini for just £199.00 + VAT. Or get it with either the standard Keyline Megamos software for just £224.00 + VAT or with the newest update, the Megamos Xtreme software, for just £679.00 + VAT.

But that’s not all! We also have some fantastic, brand new products from Keyline at an incredible introductory offer. Get cloning deals for Toyota G 80 Bit ‘G’ Chips including the Keyine TKG Kit and the CKG Carbon Chip for just £19.99 + VAT – that’s a saving of over £200! Buy and Keyline Smart Cloner and get the TKG Kit and the Rapid Software for FREE! And finally get the new TOY47T pod key for just £1.85 + VAT.

The Keyline 884 Decrytor Mini 

This is the perfect product for the automotive professional as well as any key cutters or trade counters – it is even ideal for the beginner locksmith with it’s extreme ease of use. If you are looking for a cost effective and simple to use solution to ID48 cloning then look no further than the 884 Decryptor Mini. With the ability to clone around 85% of cars on the road, and it this bargain of a price, it’s the perfect choice!

This can be purchased with TKM Starter Kit to get you cloning from the offset.

The Megamos Xtreme 

Want to increase your car key cloning business by 20 – 30%? The most recent update from Keyline will mean that for the first time ever, it will be possible to clone ALL Megamos Crypto Transponder keys using just one product.

The Xtreme will do more than just update your Keyline cloning machine; it will update your services!

This is great news for the automotive professional or any locksmith wanting to add auto services; opening up a whole world of key cloning capabilities.

A key can be cloned between 5 and 40 minutes using a Keyline cloning machine and now includes 200 NEW clone-able models from 28 manufacturers.

TKG Cloning Kit 

We are proud to bring you the TKG Cloning Kit; Keyline’s latest and innovative system which allows the cloning of Texas® 80-bit transponder chips contained in keys marked with a ‘G’, used for many Toyota car models.

The TKG Cloning Kit is fully compatible with the Decryptor 884 Mini, using the Keyline Cloning Tool App, and also the BI884 Ultegra, which uses the powerful Keyline software. This way, the cloning applications will expand and these key cloners will become even more versatile and efficient.

 To get yours click here!