Locksmith Training Courses Perfectly Demonstrate the Art of Lishi


Here at TradeLocks, we always believe that you can improve and progress as a professional, regardless of how experienced you may be. Everyone can learn new skills and perfect their overall performance, and one of the most effective ways in which you can expand and develop your services is by attending one of our informative, educational Locksmith Training Courses.

Typically, these Locksmith Training Courses will begin with vehicle opening, where we will go in depth and discuss all the kinds of locks which you may encounter, and how they operate. Locksmith Training Courses are fully hands-on, with practical demonstrations perfectly showing how to work productively and efficiently, and overcome obstacles with consummate ease. In order to make a name for yourself in what is known as a competitive trade, it is vital that you look at ways in which to stay one step ahead of your closest rivals, hence why seeking advice from leading industry experts is always considered a wise decision.

If you do decide to participate in Locksmith Training Courses, then you will also be able to look at different methods of entry (in specific detail), including using Overlifters, Rakes and Jigglers. Afterwards, you will then progress to the now world-famous, globally recognised (and highly desirable) Genuine Lishi NightVision Tools, and Genuine Lishi Tibbe equipment. Intensive 2-day Locksmith Training Courses are always a huge hit with professionals across the United Kingdom and Ireland, as it gives them the golden opportunity to get to grips with the latest auto locksmith tools. Without the right guidance and tutelage, Lishi-picking can be incredibly hard to master, which is why we recommend securing a spot on a TradeLocks Vehicle Opening Course today.


On Tuesday 24th February-Wednesday 25th February, TradeLocks will host another 2 day Vehicle Opening Course, and we are ever so privileged to welcome Martin Pink back into the fold! Mr Pink, pictured above, is one of the most respected auto locksmiths in the trade, and he is more than happy to share his wealth of knowledge with other like-minded individuals. TradeLocks’ Locksmith Training Courses have been specifically designed to give the student the skill required in order to assess a vehicle (whether it is a car or van) and then decide what method of entry is the best. Each trainee will also receive a copy of the BRAND NEW Genuine Lishi Training Kit (normally worth £199) completely FREE of charge!

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One of the reasons why these particular Locksmith Training Courses are considered to be so rewarding is due to the fact that participants will gain confidence and experience, and open vehicles without causing any damage whatsoever. These modules are extremely hands-on and practical, meaning that you will have the chance to learn on live locks, starting with locks in vices and then moving on to test these new-found skills on REAL vehicles. And another appealing aspect of our Locksmith Training Courses is that all trainees will be able to purchase vehicle opening tools such as the ever-popular Genuine Lishi NightVision range across the 2 days at heavily discounted, one-off prices!

For only £500 + VAT, including ALL course materials and a hearty buffet lunch plus drinks throughout the day, this Vehicle Opening Course is unbelievable value for money. However, to enable each individual to get the most out of the course, we have limited the number of trainees to only 10 people, so we hope that you have booked early in order to avoid disappointment. To find out more information regarding our fantastic Locksmith Training Courses all you need to do is visit www.tradelocks.co.uk.

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