UAP+ Zero Lift Cylinder

You’re called out to a customer’s house to replace their lock for one reason or another – maybe they’ve been victims to a crime or they’ve just lost their keys – when you arrive you realise that their current cylinder is a basic budget euro cylinder and there is also no evidence that this customer has any security measures on their door. This is the perfect opportunity to UPSELL to your customers and to leave them with enhanced security and peace of mind.

Take this opportunity to explain to your customer the benefits of the UAP+ Zero Lift Cylinder which offers more protection in the event of a Lock Snapping or Lock Bumping attempt. If the customer shows interest, you can easily measure the size of the cylinder you require within seconds and without having to remove the cylinder from the door by using the Cylinder Gauge.

Extra Strong Door Guard

Whilst you’re on the topic of increased security, be observant, does your customer have a door chain or guard? These are essential security accessories which allow the homeowner to find out if the caller is trustworthy before opening the door fully. Our Door Chains have strong welded links and have been tested to withstand extreme  breaking forces. Both the narrow and sliding chains are available in brass and chrome finishes. For customers with limited hand movement such as arthritis, our Extra Strong Door Guard is ideal as there is no chain to deal with, just a solid sliding bar. These are easy to install and use and are available in chrome and brass.

Finally, is their letterplate secure? If it isn’t then it could be vulnerable to vandals who might put unwanted items into the cavity, or thieves who can use the vulnerable space to key-fish or operate thumbturns on the inside of the property. Our Anti-Vandal™ Letterplates have been awarded ‘Secured by Design’ approval and have four major Anti-Vandal™ features. These include Anti-Burglar, Anti-Vandal, Anti-Snap Flap and Anti-Scratch Frame. These economical letterplates also have outward facing brushes, meaning better draught proofing to save your customers energy and money.

Not only will giving your customers a security overhaul leave them feeling safe and secure, it will also maximise your profits. The MAX6MUM SECURITY range offers high quality door security at affordable prices to consumers, whilst offering stockists and retailers excellent profit potential.

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