New Magic Tibbe Tool Will Change Lock Picking Forever

The new ‘Magic Tibbe’ Tool from Genuine Lishi will change how you look at picking car locks.


magic tibbe tool


This new tool from world renowned auto access manufacturer, Genuine Lishi, is set to make serious waves in the locksmith industry.

Tibbe locks are an immensely common car lock. Found on a wide range of vehicles, including Ford KA’s, Transits and even older models of Jaguar, a huge number of call-outs require the ability to pick these locks.

Traditionally, this has required a degree of skill and delicacy. Though locks on typical models of Ford KA are easier and lighter to pick, locks on Transits require more pressure from the already delicate Tibbe decoding tools, resulting in broken picks and a lot of hassle.

The Magic Tibbe changes all this.

The result of intense and extensive research and development, the Magic Tibbe from Genuine Lishi acts as an effective ‘skeleton key’ for all types of 6 wafer Tibbe locks.

Made from a patent pending design, the key uses a special material to lift the wafers into the correct position. This causes no damage to the lock whatsoever and, if used correctly, the key will open a lock in just a matter of seconds. wowing your customers and saving you a huge amount of time.

Simply insert the Magic Tibbe into the lock and turn – it really is that simple.

With the Magic Tibbe tool, opening light-duty locks really is as simple as using a normal key. For heavier-duty doors and trunks, however, we recommend utilising slightly more force, turning the key left and right until the lock pops open.

Until Friday the 2nd of June, buy a piece of lock picking brilliance for the incredible price of just £75+VAT!


The Magic Tibbe Tool opens the following vehicles:

Fiesta (1988 – 2008)
– Focus (1998 – 2004)
– KA (1996 – 2008)
– Mondeo (1993 – 2007)
– Transit (1995 – 2013)


The power of our Magic Tibbe tool is so much that we only sell to those that are registered on our website as professional locksmiths. Ordering from Tradelocks will ensure you receive your Magic Tibbe tool with your name and address laser inscribed. This will mean it can be easily returned to you in the case of loss.

The Magic Tibbe Tool will work time and time again to open locks in a matter of seconds.

To grab your tool that is revolutionising auto access – Order Today!