New Remote Repair Cases Now in Stock

repair remote

We have recently introduced to our product range remote repair cases for car key remotes, and now have over 70 different cases in stock! With the help of Tradelocks you can now offer your customers complete and comprehensive remote repair services using these high quality aftermarket repair cases.

Cases start at an astonishing £1.05 + VAT, providing an affordable remote repair service when buttons stop working or cases get broken. This is a simple job, with minimal labour and skill necessary – the job just requires you to have the correct case in stock.

All remote cases are high quality, long lasting and durable aftermarket products. They do not come with internal electronics as the immobiliser and transponder chip from the old or original remote can easily be placed in the new aftermarket case.

Plus we bet if you do a good job replacing your customers car key casing, they’ll be back the second they need a new remote!

Tradelocks stock cases for a wide range of vehicles, with various button options and key blades included.

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