Pick up a Pick Set on the 8th Day of Christmas


Today we have 4 incredible deals for you to choose from!

1) The 23 Piece Tradelocks Beginners Pick Set, now just £9.99 + VAT.

Learn how to pick like a pro! With this pick set you’ll be prepared for whatever a job throws at you.

With all tools stored and organised in a durable, compact, and easy to clean case, the set includes a number of pin tumblers and handpicks suitable for dimple, wafer, and auto locks. There are 3 tension tools and 20 different handpicks all with individual slots to stay keep things in place even when being transported. It’s very handy and  is compact enough to take on all jobs with you.

2) Peterson Phoenix Automotive GSP Pick Set, now just £49.99 + VAT. 

The Peterson Phoenix Automotive Pick Set has been designed specifically for automotive locksmiths. The two double sided scissors extractors and the saw tooth extractors will solve most broken key problems that you encounter. The wafer locks readers for sight reading and the GM ring clip remover which remove steering wheels were logical additions to the kit. The sharp claw on the right hand end of the wafer doc repair tools lets you pull down a bent wafer. The hook on the left hand side then lets you get behind the wafer and the tool’s shape then lets you pull on the wage to straighten the wafer back out so the ignition can be turned on. This set also includes a pry-bar and pry-bar lite tension tools.

3) Peterson’s ‘The City Plus Pick Set’ (Government Steel with Plastic Handles), now just £29.99 + VAT. 

Be a locksmith on the go with the pocket sized ‘Peterson City Plus Handpick Set.’

The fantastic Peterson City Plus Handpick Set was developed upon special request from locksmiths in New York. They cannot always find a way to reach their clients with their vehicle and must take with them the lock tools they will need. This set features all of the most necessary tools in a small pouch that could easily fit in a pocket. Each domestic locksmith tool is developed to outlast all others with their high quality government steel manufacturing. The plastic handles provide comfort and overall ease of work through their added grip.

4) Peterson Training DVD – Conquering Bypass Plus, now just £9.99 + VAT. 

Sometimes, it is useful having a practical guide to help you on your way; especially when you consider how varied and diverse the Peterson range of tools is. And this may be why the Peterson Training DVD is proving to be such a hit with locksmiths around the world. It is informative, interesting and detailed, and includes everything you need to know in order to succeed in the industry.

Get the how-to’s direct from the man himself, Ken Peterson, with down to earth and practical training presentations. Not only do you get to see the inner workings of the tools, but Ken’s insights and personal knowledge as well.

To pick up a pick set – and a bargain – Click here. 

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