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Here at TradeLocks we’re committed to helping customers save money on premium quality equipment. That’s why, until the end of Thursday 14th September, we’re offering you some serious savings on ALL* stocked Keyline products – from key cutting machines and accessories, to key cloners, horseshoe keys, pod car keys and many more! Simply use promo code KEYLINE30 at checkout to get your 30% discount.

But that’s not all!

As well as an unmissable 30% off ALL* stocked Keyline products, we have some extra very special offers for you. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to save on the following products:

Keyline 303 Key Cutting Machine 

Was £1,750

Now Only £875+VAT (Save over 50%!)

This is TradeLocks’ latest addition to its already vast range of key cutting machines and it has been designed to cut dimple keys as well as manual laser keys.

Features include:

  • Operation of the 303 safety screen allows exchange of tools quick and easy – an essential requirement when cutting dimple and laser keys
  • Can be operated safely in every phase of the cutting process thanks to operation of the safety screen, automatic controls and the motor inhibition system
  • Strong mechanical structure
  • Cartridges move on ball slide guides – allowing a total absence of vibrations and fluid movements whilst cutting a key
  • Has vertical suspensions – ideal for cutting dimple keys, as well as lateral suspensions for laser keys
  • Comes with an easily interchangeable carriage making it possible to cut special keys
  • An effective LED light on the work bench makes operations much easier

To find out more about the Keyline 303 Key Cutting Machine, or to purchase your own, click here.

Keyline Ninja Dark Key Cutting Machine

Was £5,250

Now Only £3,250+VAT (Save over £2000!)

This is a high prevision automatic duplicating machine exclusive to TradeLocks, perfect for key cutting shops and trade counters. It not only cuts a perfect key with maximum precision and reliability with no skills required, but it also looks fantastic and will certainly impress your customers!

Features include

  • Enables you to perfectly cut by copy edge cut keys – single and double sided – with only a few steps
  • Has a quick copy button, an LED lit work area, gauge control and micrometic and scaled system of tracer point calibration to allow depth adjustment
  • Has compact dimensions and its Widia 63mm cutter reaches 2000rpm – making its speed of duplicating unrivaled
  • Comes with four different jaws which are very easy to change
  • The machine will only work if the lid is down – so no goggles or personal protective equipment is needed – if someone tries to open the lid whilst it is working, it will stop immediately

To find out more about the Keyline Ninja Dark Key Cutting Machine, or to purchase your own, click here.

Keyline Ninja Key Cutting Machine

Was £5,860

Now Only £3999+VAT (Save over £1861!)

This is the first and only key cutting machine that is compact and offers high precision for single-sided and double-sided flat keys, including functions such as duplication, code cutting and decoding. The attractive design and compact size makes this machine ideal for all work environments.

Features include:

  • Can be controlled by a light and portable console that is designed to stay in top of the machine, on the wall, or the work bench
  • Includes a stand-alone mode that is used to run the basic duplication functions at an incomparable speed – assuring maximum reliability and precision with no need to use a console or PC connection
  • Comes with software that includes many useful functions including saving cut keys, management of multiple users, importing customised data, an on board user manual, communications through InstaCode and Promaster and the options to download updates
  • Equipped with the same extensive key database that is already installed in other Keyline products – enabling quick and easy cutting

To find out more about the Keyline Ninja Key Cutting Machine, or to purchase your own, click here.

Keyline Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi (884 Mini) + Keyline Full ID48 Rapid Professional Software

Was £849

Now Only £798+VAT (Save over £51!)

Here at TradeLocks we want to make sure that you have all you need to offer your customers the best products, and that is why we created a FULL ID48 Cloning kit which includes the Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi (884 Decryptor Mini) and the new Megamos Xtreme Crypto Cloning Kit. All at an incredible price!

Features of the Smart Cloner 90 Wif-Fi (884 Decryptor Mini) include:

  • Also known as the Ultegra Mini it’s the Keyline Intelligent Cloner that clones over 90% of vehicles on the market
  • When it comes to ID48 chips, it’s average cloning time is only 2 minutes!
  • The perfect choice for automotive professionals, key cutters, car key cloners and even beginners as its updating process is quick and simple to use
  • Can be used without a PC, Android smartphone with internet connection – simply turn any other smartphone (e.g. iPhone) into a personal internet hotspot
  • LED lights incorporated in the Smart Cloner let the user know the different phases of the cloning procedure
  • Offers the same cloning coverage as other super cloners at a quarter of the price – saving you money!
  • With ID48 coverage it pays for itself after 4 jobs!

Features of the Megamos Xtreme Crypto Cloning Kit include:

  • When used with the Smart Cloner it’s able to clone up to 95% (almost 2000 models) of cars, truck and motorbikes from the past 20 years 
  • There’s no need for a diagnostic tool – not even to clone Volvo keys – tokens, codes or strange boxes
  • You’ll be able to increase your cloning business up to 20 – 30%

Just when you thought that we couldn’t possibly throw anything more in for you, whilst stocks last, when you purchase this full ID48 Cloning kit you will get x1 FREE GKM Glass Transponder Chip and x1 FREE GK100  Glass Transponder Chip – worth over £35!

To find out more about this exclusive FULL ID48 Cloning kit, or to purchase your own, click here.

Remember, you only have until the end of Thursday 14th September to get the above deals and 30% off ALL* Keyline stocked products! Simply use promo code KEYLINE30 at checkout. Equip yourself with everything you need while stock lasts!

*Terms and conditions apply. For more information, visit our website www.tradelocks.co.uk.