Why Choose TL Rim Cylinders Over the Competition?

When it comes to impressing your clients its essential to remember what they are looking for, an effective way to ward off intruders at the best price possible. The latest product from TradeLocks the TL Rim Cylinders offers just that with numerous high security features and options all packed in a budget price. Go beyond your clients expectations and offer them something that will help protect their front door at an unbeatable price.


Present them the TL Rim Cylinders with all of their fantastic features. Assure them that regardless what break-in method the intruder is using they will fail as they offer protection not only against picking but bumping and drilling as well. After intensive research and communication not only with homeowners but with professional locksmiths we have developed what we believe to be the best rim cylinder on the market. We have reviewed common downfalls of other products and upgrades that both locksmiths and homeowners are looking for and have redeveloped the standard rim cylinder to perfection.

Working hand in hand with leading brand Chris Belcher the TL Rim Cylinder features their Patented Anti-Bump Timing Pin System.  Nickel plated with hardened steel driver pins and key pins it also adds onto the prevention of drilling. The timing pins also have anti-pick features as well as mushroom driver pins which assure that even a professional lock picker cannot defeat the cylinder lock.

In addition to the high security features we have developed the TL Rim Cylinder so it can easily and quickly be fit onto all UAP and UAP + Cylinders as its design has 6 pins. This ensures that you have plenty flexibility in application, boosted security, and very easy fitting.

TradeLocks offers full Master Suiting service for the TL Rim Cylinder which makes it ideal for a number of applications from residential to educational, corporate, hospital, and research facility environments among many others. Each key can be designed to have different security levels providing your clients the ability to take full control of the results.

Give your clients something to really make them feel safe at a price that is simply unbeatable. TradeLocks strives not only to develop lock tools and door hardware that is effective and high quality but we strive to offer locksmiths in the UK a less expensive option for improving their clients overall home and business security. Feel free to contact us for more information on this fantastic product and we will answer any questions you may have.