POTW: Up to 58% Off The Best Euro Cylinder Opening Tools In The World

At Tradelocks, we’re committed to helping customers save money on premium quality equipment. That’s why, until Thursday the 18th of May, we’re offering serious savings on some of the best Euro Cylinder Opening Tools available on the market today, including our ABS Spec Cylinder Opening Tool, Chris Belcher Super Snapper, Tradelocks Generation 4 Electric Pick Gun Set and Twin Pack of Don Braidwoods Door Spreaders.

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ABS Opening Tool For ABS 3* Lock

Was £119.00

Now Only £49.99 + VAT (58% Discount)



This is a specialist tool required for the opening of the 3* Kitemark ABS lock, allowing you to defeat it in a flash.

The kit comes complete with:

  • The tool itself
  • 5 different blade attachments
  • Foam inserts
  • Tweezers

You will not need any other tools for the opening of this kind of lock, making it an essential part of your inventory. Bear in mind, this is a semi-destructive tool, as it will break some of the internal pins that secure the lock in place. However, the original key will still work in the cylinder following use.

Each of the 5 different blades come with a magnet in each position for the ABS lock. The foam inserts are different sizes to put in each position of the blade profile to correspond with where the pins sit. The tweezers are included to help put the foam inserts onto the blade more easily.

To find out where the magnet sits, as its position changes from lock to lock, you simply need to put a pick in the end of the cylinder profile and push every pin out of the way, one at a time, until you find the correct position.

Chris Belcher Super Snapper

Was £59.99

Now Only £29.99 + VAT (50% Discount)



The name, Chris Belcher, has become synonymous with both innovation and quality. This Snapper Bar is no exception. Designed specifically to overcome any and all Euro Profile Cylinder locks and high-security cylinders on the market today, the CB Super Snapper requires little effort and time to conquer any lock and gain access to any door via destructive entry.

Recently redesigned, it is made from steel and features a very narrow face, making it not only extremely strong but suitable to fit all doors, bypassing anti-snap features.

The CB Super Snapper Bar can easily be carried with the rest of your domestic locksmith tools as it doesn’t take up too much space, at a mere 25mm in diameter and 190mm in length. By overcoming cylinder locks, with features such as anti-grip pins and sacrificial cuts, this little snapper bar is a must have for any locksmith.

*In order to successfully snap the cylinder, this tool requires access to the entire exposed cylinder barrel*

Tradelocks Generation 4 Electric Pick Gun Set

Was £195.00

Now Only £99.99 (49% Discount)



We developed the Electric Pick Gun 4 with the view of creating the most convenient and straightforward method of picking door locks in the world.

To our knowledge, our development of this product has been a considerable success. This tool reduces the learning curve for novice locksmiths while making the everyday work of experienced locksmiths considerably more simple.

Recently redesigned and improving upon the previous model, EPG 3, the TradeLocks Generation 4 Electric Gun Set is so effective because it bounces all the pins of a cylinder lock up and down, simultaneously. This, combined with proper and correct tensioning, makes the pins of the cylinder lock find their corresponding heights and turn the cylinder.

Unlike traditional lock picking, the TradeLocks EPG Generation 4 requires much less effort, making the opening of a lock a faster process. The Electric Pick Gun Set mirrors the overall excellent sleek signature design and numerous unique features which made it so popular. However, ease of use, battery life and durability are all much improved.

Don Braidwoods 455mm and 755mm Door Spreader Twin Pack

Was £63.36

Now Only £44.99 (29% Discount)



As the number of consumers choosing uPVC doors for their homes in the United Kingdom and Ireland continues to rise, it is important that locksmiths stay on top of this key industry trend, no matter their individual style.

The Door Spreader is the tool of choice for all locksmiths looking to maximise their ability to expose the locking mechanism of a uPVC door, and this product from Don Braidwood is one of the absolute best available.

What sets these Spreaders apart is the precision and durability that go into their construction. Our Door Spreaders will outlast all others on the market, saving you a lot of bother down the line. Made from high-quality stainless steel, these tools are crafted to withstand a battering, while preventing corrosion and damage over great lengths of time.

Featured in this twin pack are a 455 and a 755mm tool, made available to provide you with a greater number of options when it comes to exposing your door lock. Once inserted, you can easily use the handle to push the uPVC door back towards its hinges, giving you access to the lock mechanism. With proper training and mastering, the use of this tool will lend you a high success rate and guaranteed entry.

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