Stop Lock Bumping Today with the Unbeatable Pickbuster!


When it comes to improving and enhancing the general standard of front door security you cannot go wrong with the resourceful, versatile Pickbuster. The Pickbuster is suitable for a multitude of different purposes, and presents the perfect solution if your customers not want to undertake a detailed and complicated DIY project. Nowadays, one of the most common and frequent methods of gaining access into a house is by a process called “lock bumping”, as it is speedy and effective, and has an incredibly high success rate. Therefore, it is imperative that homeowners take the necessary precautions required in order to prevent lock bumping from happening, and one of the ways in which to deter would-be intruders is by applying the Pickbuster to the locks in their property, as this prevents forced entry.

The way in which lock bumping is carried out is relatively simple and straightforward, and therefore does not require a great level of skill or aptitude. By using a specially adapted key which can be placed in any cylinder lock, then pulled back one click or notch, and then struck firmly with a blunt, heavy object the lock is then “bumped”, and tricked into unlocking. Since there is very little visible on the actual lock itself, and virtually no trace whatsoever of breaking in or picking, insurance companies normally do not pay the claims, as there is no evidential proof that a home has been broken into.


Police are unable to find forensics around the lock or door, especially if the intruders wore gloves, and the lock is not damaged in any way. Basically, it appears as if someone has left their door open accidentally. The result is unlikely to come out in favour of the homeowner, so they are robbed of both their belongings and their legal right to seek satisfactory reimbursement from insurance companies.

The effective, easy-to-use Pickbuster (available from TradeLocks) is considered highly desirable and sought after as it is original, innovative and the ideal choice if one is to boost home security with instant results. Pickbuster sachets have been designed to fit into any narrow lock and take only seconds to apply. In the Pickbuster 5 Lock Sachet Pack you will receive 5 sachets of Pickbuster, which can be used to protect up to 5 locks of any kind from lock bumping.

Your customers don’t even have to use all 5 sachets at once if they do not wish to, as they can always give one to family, friends or colleagues-or keep them as spares. Everyone could do with a helping hand from time to time when it comes to upgrading their door security. In the package customers will receive enough Pickbuster solution to secure up to five locks around the home. Each application lasts for up to 2 years, and does not need replenishing in this time period, thus saving both time and money. In order to apply the solution properly just squeeze a satchel of solution in the lock, allow the contents to set, and then locks are safer and more secure than ever

We suggest that this particular process is carried out in the evening as homes are usually locked up for the night as this enables the contents to set fully, although approximately four or five hours is usually more than enough. This will ensure that Pickbuster lubricant can be fully absorbed by the mechanism. During the first few insertions of the key there may be some of the solution left on the key itself when it is taken out. This is completely normal, and can be wiped off in seconds. Included in the pack are detailed, step-by-step instructions as well as a security booklet.

Pickbuster Sachet

By following these simple guidelines customers will be able to apply Pickbuster sachets without any trouble whatsoever:

  • STEP 1: Open the Pickbuster pack.
  • STEP 2: Remove a single Pickbuster sachet.
  • STEP 3: Cut off the application end of the sachet.
  • STEP 4: Slowly squeeze the contents of Pickbuster into the lock.
  • STEP 5: Leave overnight to allow the contents to fully settle into the lock.

And there is even better news for customers looking to save cash in the New Year, as the BIG TradeLocks Sale is well underway. There are so many bargain buys and discount deals to take advantage of, for example the unrivalled Pickbuster 5 Lock Sachet Pack is only 75p! Individual sachets are priced at a mere 20p, which leaves even more cash to spend on other quality items, all at heavily reduced rates. For more information regarding how to effectively prevent lock bumping, then just watch our informative, educational YouTube video using the link below:

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