It’s a SuperVAG Super Deal!

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This key programming device has been designed for Audi, VW, Skoda and Seat vehicles and allows for fast and easy key creation, especially in ALL KEY LOST SITUATIONS.

It is the very best product in this area of locksmithing and offers services for the auto locksmith that no other tools have. Some of its functions include learning remotes, diagnostics to determine vehicle status and functions for transponder pre-coding and key learning.

This specialised tool is simple and user friendly; having been designed to work with keys and remote controls for the VAG group of vehicles via OBD diagnostics. It allows you to pull pin codes and programme keys, as well as immobilise chips of all keys.

When you are in an ALL KEY LOST SITUATION, meaning there is no working or valid key, the immo data cannot be read directly. Because of this, the dashboard needs to be put into service mode. Once the dashboard is dismounted from the car, the SVG add-on cables that come with the product must be connected to the dashboard. These are specially designed cables that mean no soldering is necessary. The SuperVAG communication interface is then connected to the OBD connector of the SVG add-on cable. Once the power supply is also connected the SuperVAG Key programme can run on the key learning function.

Once the program has detected the dashboard type, the immo data can be read. The SuperVAG Key programme will guide you to get the immo data file, and then you can proceed with the standard key learning process.

You can rest assure that there is no need to remove needles or for soldering, and an EEPROM programmer is not required. All you need is the SuperVAG Key and SVG157 or SVG149 add-on cable.

The SuperVAG key is also able to work with Orange 5 and Tango programmer systems, which can read trouble codes and immobilisers as well as pin and component security.

The programme makes complicated functions as simple as possible with step by step processes. As all auto locksmiths well know, it can be time consuming and challenging to create keys for VAG vehicles when the original keys have been lost or no longer work. But, with SuperVAG, it’s super easy and with this fantastic deal, it is now super affordable!

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