Get up to 27% off in the TradeLocks Domestic Locksmith Tool Sale!

This week at TradeLocks we’ve giving you up to 27% off selected domestic locksmith tools!

Domestic Locksmith Tool Sale

If you’re a domestic locksmith you’ll be no stranger to snapper bars and door spreaders. Whether you’ve just started out in the profession, or are looking to replace your most used tools look no further than TradeLocks!

Do you regularly get called out to jobs where you have to expose a uPVC door lock mechanism? Then check out our selection off Don Braidwoods door spreaders as they’re on offer this week. ... read more >

Day 2 of TradeLocks’ 12 Days of Christmas

Day 2 On the second day of the TradeLocks’ Christmas Promotion we’ll be giving to you…

Impressioner 2Deal 3 – Professional Impressioning Tool Set – £49.00 Save 49%
Promo code: XMAS3

This clever kit comprises of a torch and super light aluminium alloy hand vice. A key can be rotated 360 degrees and the powerful lens will magnify even the smallest of marks.

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door spreadersDeal 2 – Door Spreader Twin Pack – £40.00
Promo Code: XMAS4
... read more >

Tradelocks Reveal their Top Signings

At Tradelocks, we pride ourselves on bringing you exceptionally high quality tools – an achievement that has only been made possible by signing deals with some of the most reputable locksmith engineers in the world. We’d like to welcome you to our exclusive Signature Range, where we celebrate each individual who has designed tools for Tradelocks. ... read more >

The Don Braidwood Door Spreader Tool


It’s common knowledge that the door spreader tool is renowned for being a must have tool for uPVC door opening. Originally designed by the highly respected double glazing repair engineer Don Braidwood in the mid-nineties, the tool wasn’t known to others in the industry until Don became familiar on the locksmith forums. Don started to run double glazing repair courses approved by the Institute of Certified Locksmiths where he would demonstrate how easy it is to use his tool, and it became obvious that while it wasn’t yet available on the market, it was exactly what anyone working in the uPVC industry needed and would therefore become a must have tool.

With locksmiths rating this piece of kit so highly, we decided to go one step further and develop a tool that would beat all the others on the market.

We have manufactured our door spreaders in stainless steel as a guarantee that they will be both hardwearing and corrosion proof, and are by far the lowest cost on the market. Tradelocks are offering two versions of this tool – the standard 455mm, and the 755mm which offers slightly more leverage. And at the moment, as a special promotional price, Tradelocks are offering these for just £19.99 (+VAT) each. We are also offering our customers both the 455mm and 755mm Door Spreaders as a twin pack for outstanding value – you can get hold of the pair for just £29.99 (+VAT).   ... read more >