Introducing our ‘Super 6’ Domestic Locksmith Tools!

This week at TradeLocks we’ve selected six of our most popular domestic locksmith tools and are offering them at an even more amazing price than usual!

We’re committed to helping our customers save money on premium quality equipment. That’s why, until the end of Thursday 8th February we’re helping you save up to 49% on our Super 6 domestic locksmith tools!

Check out our Super 6 domestic locksmith tools:

TradeLocks Generation 4 Electric Pick Gun Set

TradeLocks Generation 4 Electric Pick Gun Set

If you’re a professional locksmith looking for a fast and easy alternative to standard cylinder lock picking then look no further! ... read more >

UAP ZeroLift® Advance – The next generation of super smooth cylinders

UAP+ ZeroLift Advance Euro CylinderWe have been busy over the past year working with renowned Locksmith Chris Belcher developing the next generation of super smooth cylinders.  We are now pleased to announce the launch of the UAP ZeroLift Advance.

The new BSi Kitemark TS007:2012 1 star cylinder, which will replace the current UAP ZeroLift euro cylinder, offers extra security and a super smooth turning action. The UAP ZeroLift Advance uses a revolutionary system of timing pins; these control the physical timing when a cylinder is bumped. This system provides us with an anti-bump cylinder that does not contain trap pins. ... read more >

The MAX6MUM SECURITY iPad App has arrived!

The eagerly awaited MAX6MUM SECURITY App, which was previewed at the FIT Show, is now available to download for FREE for iPads. The app enables the user to create their own MAX6MUM SECURITY door which will protect against burglars, vandals and bogus callers.

The app received a positive reception at the FIT Show as it enables the customers to have a catalogue of available door hardware and door security products in the palm of their hands, and they can even see what the product looks like on a door. ... read more >

UAP Limited to Launch MAX6MUM SECURITY at Ireland’s Hardware Show

We will be making our first appearance at the Hardware/DIY Home Garden Show where we’ll be launching MAX6MUM SECURITY, our new high-security guaranteed door hardware brand for homeowners.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY range includes the patented UAP+ Zero Lift Cylinder which is Anti-Bump, Anti-Snap, Anti-Drill and Anti-Pick; we are so confident that this high security cylinder cannot be bumped that we’re offering homeowners a guarantee of up to €2,500 worth of property if the lock is bumped and the insurance won’t pay out. ... read more >

We’re Bringing MAX6MUM SECURITY to the FIT Show!

The FIT Show is just around the corner and everyone’s going! Well I don’t know if everyone is going but we definitely are and we have lots of exciting new things to show. We’ll be launching MAX6MUM SECURITY, our new high-security guaranteed door hardware brand for homeowners and we will be introducing the face of MAX6MUM SECURITY, our brand new super hero Max (see pic to left), to visitors. ... read more >

LOCK SNAPPING – The Cat is out of The Bag

UAP+ Zero Lift

Has the BBC created a new market opportunity for security cylinders?

Last month the BBC programme Inside Out featured a lengthy documentary on Lock Snapping and general cylinder vulnerability. My view of this is well known as I believe it was irresponsible and the people behind this release to the BBC were not motivated by concerns over the public’s safety but just motivated by pure greed.  The question of cylinder vulnerability has now been featured on 5 Live, Local Newspapers and we are advised it will feature heavily nationally on 19th March on BBC’s The One Show. ... read more >

Customer Satisfaction at Tradelocks

As you know, at Tradelocks we put customer satisfaction above everything else and continually work to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Your feedback from our customer surveys is vital in helping us to identify what works well and what we can improve on. So let’s take a look at what you had to say about us…
ProductsOver the last year, we’ve worked extremely hard to identify what our Tradelocks customers are looking for, then develop quality tools at exceptionally good prices. We’ve been adding to our range throughout the year based on your feedback and requirements.

This has obviously paid off as all product categories had a majority rating of ‘excellent’ with euro cylinders gaining an exceptionally good score (70% excellent). Auto locksmith tools, Lishi tools and Pickbuster were all rated ‘excellent or good’ by over 92% of people who took the survey – a result to be proud of.  97% of customers rated Tradelocks product knowledge as either excellent or  good. 

Delivery Performance 

There was an overall very positive outcome with 96% of people rating delivery as excellent orgood.


Over the last 12 months, we’ve started to use a broader range of communication methods. As well as the standard phone calls and emails, we’re communicating via text messages, social networks and a blog to keep you regularly updated with all the latest news. We’ve also developed a corporate website where you can download all the latest test certificates, view new products and access news about the industry.

Our survey showed that86% rated our weekly email shots as excellent-good. 93% of people who have viewed our corporate website said they found it of interest. Only 14% of customers are following us on Twitter, but this figure is continuing to grow. 73%  of customers rated our brochures excellent-good, which was a great result………but not good enough for us, so we will be spending a lot of time and resource addressing this over the next few months.

Conclusion and next steps

We were really pleased to see that in all areas, Tradelocks has been rated very highly. Delivery performance along with product knowledge and technical backup gained a high score. New initiatives from Tradelocks, including the corporate site also received a positive response. When customers were asked to rate Tradelocks against the competition, 97% of you said we were excellent or good, which is great news. Thank You.

We will not be complacent and we will be continuing to make improvements to live up our high standards. In the coming months we plan to: 

  • Update the current Tradelocks brochure with our latest range of products and distribute to all customers.
  • Send regular text updates to customers who have given us their mobile number.
  • Improve after-sales service by following up purchases with a courtesy call.
  • Introduce 6 major new products groups that you all will want to buy. 

 We value your feedback and we’d like to say thank you for choosing Tradelocks.