30 Minute and 60 Minute Fire Rated Door Hardware – Keeping Fires in Check

With the recent lightening storms we have been having you wouldn’t be blamed for stepping back and thinking about just how well your door hardware would cope when faced with a fire.

 We have a range of fire rated door hardware that can resist the spread of fire for sixty minutes. The letterplates and door viewers come with an intumescent strip that expands against the heat radiated from a fire, filling any holes and preventing the spread of fire. ... read more >


With over 45,000 fires in homes in 2010-11*, and a recent report finding that the figure could be double this as many domestic fires go unreported, fire safety door hardware has never been more important. Which is way we are pleased to announce that our Firecheck range is now complete with the launch of the UAP Architectural Door Closer.

Our Architectural Door Closer is size 3 and available in a silver or black finish and has a two valve adjustment to incorporate closing and latching speeds. They include universal applications – none handed for standard top jamb and come as either parallel or corner bracket fit. ... read more >