Tailored Marketing – WHAT you want, HOW you want it, WHEN you want it!

We have recently invested in a high quality, professional printer so we can now print out whatever we want instantly. This means that we can tailor our marketing materials to our customers. So if you want a poster with your logo and information on it, we can give it to you.

We believe that the printer will open many more marketing possibilities for both us and our customers. We can tailor leaflets, flyers brochures etc  to specific customers, regions and industries. We will also have much more flexibility as we will not have to comply with minimum quantities that are required from printing companies, and we will eliminate the lead time. We can print our desired quantity instantly.

Our new tailored marketing is perfect for MAX6MUM SECURITY as we can print your logo and contact information onto the marketing materials such as the leaflets, brochures and posters. This has already proved effective as we have tailored our MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictors to B&M Home Stores who have recently took on the retail range.

We can also send out tailored newsletters, so we can give you the news and information that is relevant to your region. So if you live by the coast we can send you news, information and marketing information about our Nanocoast® range, with your logo on.

Not only does our new printer mean tailored marketing, but it also means that when we get in a new product we can put together a technical data sheet and send it out to you instantly. This eliminates the need to wait for a new brochure to come out.

So, in the future if you want information on only certain products we can send you out a tailored information pack with just the information on the products you want to know about.

Get in touch with your local sales team on  Sales@uapcorporate.com or call 0161 796 7268 today to find out what we can now do for you.