Temperatures Have Been Soaring This Weekend and Tradelocks are Maintaining the Heat with Hot Deals on Genuine Lishi Tools

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Until Thursday the 13th of April, we are offering fantastic discounts on the Genuine Lishi 8 Cut Tibbe Decoder, the Premium Ford Tibbe Kit and the Genuine Lishi Training vice. Plus when you buy all 3 of these Genuine Lishi tools you’ll get them for the incredibly low price of just £75 + VAT.

The 8 Cut Jaguar Tibbe Lock

The Genuine Lishi 8 cut Tibbe decoding tool is simplicity itself to use and you get an accurate decode every time with absolutely no skill or training required.

It is designed on the same principal as the 6 cut Tibbe using the same style of turners, but there are 8 turners with 3 heights instead of the standard 6 turners with 4 heights. It is ideally used with a make up key or a cut to code new key.

Genuine Lishi Ford Tibbe Decoder

Made from stainless steel the Genuine Lishi Ford Tibbe Decoder has a built in decoding gauge and is the strongest tibbe decoder around.

Genuine Lishi Training Vice

Before you can become a professional locksmith, or an expert in the field, you need to train and you need to practice, which is why investment in practice locks and a training vice is essential. The Genuine Lishi Training Vice is designed to hold the lock in the exact position it would be on a vehicle and will help give you precise picking practice.

Unlike other vices, the Genuine Lishi Training Vice is specifically designed to give you as near as possible experience in defeating locks while out in the field.

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