The Auto Locksmith Exhibition 2012 Review

Last weekend saw the first ever Auto Locksmith Exhibition (ALEX) at The East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, and the UAP TradeLocks team were there with our most popular Auto Locksmith tools and equipment – from Genuine Lishi Picks and Decoders, Vices, User Guides and Training Locks to tension tools, air wedges and pick sets.

The show was a great success with visitors crowding our stand to get hands on with Genuine Lishi 2-in-1s and Direct Key Readers as well as an exclusive look at the 3D Pro Xtreme Key Cutting Machine.

Throughout the weekend we were joined by Genuine Lishi Approved Trainers, Martin Pink and Richard Breslin who were providing tips and offering advice on getting into auto locksmithing whilst demonstrating how to use the Genuine Lishi tools.








On our demo table, we had all of the Genuine Lishi 2-in-1s and the Direct Key Readers along with Genuine Lishi Vices and Training Locks so visitors were able to use the all new Complete Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 User Guide to help them pick and decode locks they have never tried before. The user guide proved to be very popular amongst visitors who were really impressed with it. We received comments saying it was ‘incredible’ and ‘so in depth’.

Jim Hetchler also joined us from Texas to provide visitors with an exclusive look at the 3D Pro Xtreme. The 3D Pro Xtreme is the most functional and flexible key machine available and has the ability to cut by code (including half cuts) to originate and duplicate standard, high security and Tibbe auto keys as well as house keys.

The 3D Pro Xtreme was very popular and generated a great deal of interest with some visitors blown away with how much the machine can do and with how well it performed, some even expressed interest in getting rid of their current machinery and replacing it with the 3D Pro Xtreme, as it would be incredibly handy to have just one machine that did everything.

Jim provided a live demonstration of the machine in action in the main demo area by using a Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 to decode a Mercedes and then used the code to cut a key within minutes. Meanwhile, Richard conducted the Genuine Lishi Demos, held a Q&A session and gave tips and advice on Lishi and auto locksmithing.

Visitors to the stand were also treated to exclusive show prices. These included offers a variety of one-off Genuine Lishi set deals and inner groove pick set deals.

For more information on Genuine Lishi click here.

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