The Genuine Lishi App – The ONLY App for the Auto Locksmith

Never be caught out on a job again! With the Genuine Lishi App you’ll have all the auto locksmithing expertise you’ll need at the tip of your fingers, and most importantly, it’s FREE!

If you have ever been on a job and not been sure which tools to use; or could have used some extra advice and assistance when using them, then this app is essential to your working life. Download the Genuine Lishi App to your smart phone to access a full database of tools, tutorials and reference materials to get you through a tricky job.

Primarily used as a reference point, the app will act as a guide to any professional out on a job who might need some extra assistance.


What it has:

• An integrated Genuine Lishi tool search facility
• Overview of each tool
• Table of key references (including InstaCode IC card references)
• Approved Genuine Lishi distributor search facility
• Ability to purchase Genuine Lishi tools
• Personal tool registration feature
• Access to tutorial videos
• Access to instruction manuals and user guides
• Available in Apple ITunes and Google Play Stores

It is revolutionary and one of a kind to the industry, giving on hand information when a locksmith really needs it – when they are out on a job.

It’s not uncommon to come across a vehicle you may be less familiar with or haven’t worked on before, as every job is different. Once logged into the app, which users can do using an existing Genuine Lishi login or by creating one, they will have access to a powerful search engine that will allow them to find the correct tool to use on the vehicle they are working on, simply by entering the car make and model, or the lock type.

More than just a tool search

The app will give you more than just a full Genuine Lishi tool listings, as you go into each tool you will be given an overview. Further to this, downloadable guides are available so you won’t need to worry about working out how to use the tool in question.

A table with all the key references needed for that car will appear including the InstaCode IC card reference. So you will have everything you’ll need to open the vehicle successfully. The app provides the locksmith a go to guide including access to tutorials and user guides on  the products. You will be able to register all the Genuine Lishi tools you have and download the material on how to use each tool so you can’t go wrong. Even if signal is bad when you are on a job, the guides to all your registered tools can be downloaded onto your phone beforehand.

By registering your tool, you also ensure if it is lost or goes missing it can easily be identified and returned to you when found.

And for all those tools you don’t have, you’ll be able to search all the approved Genuine Lishi distributors getting their contact details and website information; here you will also be able purchase the tools you need.

To find out more check out our video:

Get the most from your tools, so your customers can get the most from you! Simply search ‘Genuine Lishi Tool Selector’ in your Apple ITunes or Google Play Store to find and install the app entirely FREE.

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