The TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit Defeats Locks with Effortless Ease


One of the most common ways in which you can successfully defeat a cylinder lock is through simply unlocking it from the inside, with the assistance of the uber-versatile TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit. The TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit is the ultimate tool to help you quickly and easily defeat a lock, without having to use destructive force. You can complete even the most complex of tasks with consummate ease and efficiency if you invest in the incomparable TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit, as it has been specifically developed to work with both uPVC and wooden doors. It can slip through any letterbox without any trouble, so you can work productively-and with confidence-at all times.

The TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit has been created based on various comments and concerns from professional locksmiths around the United Kingdom and Ireland in order to overcome some of the most commonly-met problems they faced when attempting to gain entry directly through the letterbox. Nowadays, the TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit features plugs upon the extending rod, which allows it to work at 5mm intervals. These plugs allow the rod to be twisted and pushed back in when the rod is fully extended, thus increasing productivity and making work so much easier, and more comfortable.


Developed from the finest grade materials available on the market, the TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit is composed of a winning combination of aluminium and carbon fibre. Utilising snap on technology, the tool takes mere seconds to set up, and requires very little preparation. Due to the kind of materials of which the tools are constructed from, the cylinder lock Letterbox Tool Kit is easily the lightest on the market, which in turn puts less strain and pressure on the locksmith. In addition to this, adjustment of the lock tool requires less than a fingertip to control up to the millimetre, allowing you to be far more precise and accurate.

And the TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit comes with a number of attachments which can be interchanged to best suit your commercial needs and requirements:

  • Drop Bar-Perfect for dropping onto a door handle
  • Snib Lifters (x2)-Effective for manipulating snibs, allowing for easier access
  • Wedge-Most suitable for Ingersoll night latches, but the tool is extremely versatile, and can be used with other attachments as well
  • Drop Latch-Allows for fast and effective ways to unlock bolts successfully on the other side of the door
  • Key Spike-This tool helps hook through keys which are still left in the lock


All of this comes in a very easy to carry, durable storage bag, which means that you always remain organised and prepared. These storage bags have been designed to protect and safeguard your lock tools so that they withstand harsh conditions, and do not become damaged when transported from A to B. The TradeLocks Letterbox Tool Kit is manufactured to work with the MP4 player and the LED Letterbox Tool Camera as well as the highly innovative TradeLocks Letterbox Video Goggles, all of which can be purchased separately.

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