Tradelocks Open Day Discounts Revealed!

The Tradelocks Open Day, which will take place on the 20th of August 2016, has promised to be an event full of deals and discounted products – and we have revealed our first deal as the countdown to the big event begins!


Those who attend the Open Day will be able to perfect their picking skills for just £9.99 with the Genuine Lishi Training Vice. Normally sold at £49.99, this is just a taste of the incredible deals on offer at the event. We will be delivering a new deal each week coming up to the event, and there will be offers on a full range of products on the day.

The Genuine Lishi Training Vice is the perfect product if you are looking to hone in your Soskills using Genuine Lishi tools.

On the day there will be a dedicated training area, where you can try your hand at picking the new VAG 2015 locks amongst many, many others. But if you don’t quite master the technique in the limited time available, then this is certainly the deal for you.

As most Lishi tools ensure success within 3 minutes, once you’ve mastered the technique, you can fully make the most of your tools, and complete jobs with speed and ease.

The vice holds strong onto the table providing the user stability as they practice, and allows them to train for a real life situation.

There will be countless training and demonstration facilities on the day, with a dedicated area for picking and decoding training, ran by auto lock specialist Martin Pink. Keyline will be showcasing their key cutting machines and cloners and guests will be able to see the various machines in action.

We are also putting on programming demonstrations; including exhibitions of the KD900, SuperVAG, Tango and Key Programmers very own Chris Cleasby will be there showcasing Truecode software.

The event is set to be a big one, with big names, big prizes to be won and big discounts!

To make sure you get your place, register today, click here.