10 Reasons to Attend one of the Tradelocks Roadshows


On Saturday the 26th of November we will be kicking off our Roadshow event in Newcastle, with another the following week in Cardiff – on Saturday the 3rd of December. And registration for both events is now open!

This gives all of our customers, or any other locksmith, an opportunity to come and see us while we are in your neck of the woods.

Why come to one of the Tradelocks Roadshows? Here are our top ten reasons to head down to one of our Roadshow events:

1) Learn How to Get into Vehicles Quickly and Cheaply 


We will be concentrating on auto services at our shows, and promise to teach those who attend how to get into vehicles quickly and cheaply.

You can find out everything you need to know about vehicle access. With the help of Genuine Lishi, Keyline, KeyDIY and Access Tools; our experts will be hand to tell you everything you need to know and will have the products there to demonstrate.

2) FREE Genuine Lishi Training 


Genuine Lishi training is always popular. At every trade show, exhibition or open day; so this time we are bringing the training to you. You’ll get to take a look at the newest T3 tools and give them ago yourself – with the guidance of our experts – and it’s all free.

3) Grab a bargain!

We will have lots of special deals and discounts at every single event, so if you want to make the biggest savings and grab the best bargain you have to head down!

4) 10% off your first Tradelocks order


On arrival at any Roadshow event, visitors will be given a voucher for 10% off their next online purchase at Tradelocks.co.uk – this is on top of all the exclusive deals and discounts which will be available on the day.

5) Try before you buy


You’ll get a chance to see, and try out products without being obliged to buy anything. We are confident about the quality of our products, but we want customers to see how great they are before they have made their purchase.

6) Ask our Experts 


From showing you how products work, to advising customers on the best solutions and answering their questions; you’ll be able to speak to us, one on one, about anything you aren’t sure of!

7) Product demonstrations

kd900-plusWe recently had a promotion on the new KD900+ which was really popular, we will be bringing products like this down, answering any questions you might have, and showing you how best to use them.

8) See new products first! 


Whether it’s our brand new Genuine Lishi T3 Tools or something else. We are sure to bring our newest product innovations along – so you could be one of the first locksmiths to see them!

9) No need to travel!


We know what a hassle it can be for many to travel down to see us for Open Days and make their way across the country for exhibitions. But, by doing these roadshows you can come and speak to us, bag yourself some bargains and try out some of our products when we are in YOUR neck of the woods – so everyone’s a winner!

10) Great venue, without hassle


Both the event in Cardiff and Newcastle will be held Village Hotels. The rooms are easy to access by all, bright, air conditioned and there is free parking for everyone who attends.

To book your place today CLICK HERE!