We Don’t Horse Around at Tradelocks and Neither Should You! Make the Most of our Deal on Horseshoe Keys Before it Ends This Thursday

Selected horseshoe keys are now just 99p + VAT at Tradelocks – for a limited time only. Until Thursday the 23rd of March a huge range of our horseshoe keys are still on offer as part of our St Patrick’s Day Promo!

Now St Paddy’s Day might be behind us! But you don’t need the luck of the Irish to get fantastic deals on the products you love – you just need Tradelocks!


The horseshoe key system is where the mechanical insert and electronic head are independent from one another. This has certain advantages:

1) If a customer changes their car, they can use the old electronic head, and only change the mechanical insert to adapt it to a new vehicle.

2) If you come across an error during mechanical encryption, only the mechanical insert will need to be changed, without you having to throw away the expensive electronic head, saving you money.

We now have deals on a range of 25 different horseshoe keys – all available at this incredibly low price. So stock up today! 

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