Treat yourself this Halloween with a Fantastic Offer on the KD900+

No tricks just treats this Halloween from us with our fantastic promotions! 

Until Thursday the 27th of October you can get your hands on the latest innovation from KeyDIY – the KD900+ – for just £99 + VAT!

The KD900+ works in the exact same way as the KD900 but instead of a standalone machine it works with your smartphone. The KD900+ comes with remotes, cables, blades and a UBS just like its predecessor; however the machine must be switched on and connected via Bluetooth to your mobile phone.

Once the Bluetooth on the KD900+ is switched on and the KD app has been installed onto the smartphone the 2 can be connected. Once connected and the app open, your smartphone will work exactly as the KD900 standalone remote generator with a list of all the remotes you can create.


All you then need to do is connect your circuit board to the KD900+ and follow the steps on your smartphone to generate the remote.

The KD900 and KD900+, brought to the world by KeyDIY, are remote generators which can be used by diagnostics centres, automotive locksmiths as well as key cutting centres. The machines have the capability of producing 80% of car key remotes on the market generating more than 100 types of transmitters; including transmitters for Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.


This machine is guaranteed to boost your profits as it allows you to create remotes with just a small amount of stock; this means creating remotes at a fraction of the cost of an original remote – and the quality isn’t compromised.

Make sure you get your KD900+ while offers last!

And when you make any order over £100 + VAT up until Friday the 28th of October you’ll receive a free bag of sweets in your delivery – ensuring you have a sweet Halloween!