UAP launch their first Plasticine Mortice Impressioning Set

After 12 months in development and a very large investment, we are finally ready to launch the first of 6 TradeLocks’ Mortice Lock Impressioning Sets. The first to be released is the Legge Black British Standard Kit which also decodes the Legge Value and the ASEC locks. For one month only this incredible kit is just £99 + VAT online from

The sets are aimed to make the life of Locksmiths much easier when faced with many of the more common mortice locks. They comprise of everything required to impression a mortice lock and create a temporary replica key, allowing for non-destructive entry in just minutes.

David Jennings, MD of UAP said:  “UAP TradeLocks have worked hard over the last few years getting rid of the ‘cheap and cheerful’ label we have been given in some quarters for our tools. That criticism was perhaps fair in the first year or so of our tools development when we relied heavily on Chinese imports, but it is not true of our developments over the last three years. Our goal is to be the first port of call for all Locksmith tools, and we are continuing to invest heavily.

We have a good knowledge of what the Locksmith needs and wants, from the material quality to the end price, from the way the goods are packed to the way they return their investment on the first or second use”.

The Mortice Lock Impressioning sets are high end quality, but at UAP TradeLocks’ affordable pricing. And each set has been tried and tested by well-known and respected locksmiths within the industry.

David continued: “we were pleased to have Nigel Tolley, who is well known for his Mortice Lock knowledge and skills, carry out the final product testing and adjustments. Nigel has even written the instructions and created the ‘how to video’. As this is a locksmith presenting the tool to locksmiths we have left it totally uncut. It is truly written and produced for locksmiths by a locksmith.”

The first thing anyone will notice is the quality of the presentation of each set. Each set comes in its own aluminium case, and inside the rubberised filling keeps everything neat and tidy. There are three pots of putty, grease and powder, each clearly labelled. In the centre of the case lie the reader keys which have been produced here in the UK to exacting standards using key blanks from a UK source to ensure they work perfectly.

Each set then has its own pin case. Each pin case has been individually designed and injection moulded. The cases hold the sets of pins for each set, and the lids have been designed to ensure the pins stay in place in transit or in the back of a van. For easy selection of the pins, we provide a pair of high quality tweezers. Each set has its own make up key which has been made from Stainless Steel and CNC machined for extreme accuracy. We have not spared any expense on the universal key handle tooling either.

To prove this even further, locksmith Pat McGinn from UAP said: “in our extensive testing we were not entirely happy with the largest pins in each set. They are all made from Stainless Steel Grade 304 which is fantastic. But for the longer pins, when faced with a stiff lock out in the field, we felt that they may bend slightly. So we have produced free of charge replacement hardened steel pins for the three longest pins in each set. The locksmith can learn using the tools with the SS304 pins and then use the hardened steel long pins when they get called out on a job. It is this attention to detail and quality that is now standing UAP TradeLocks out from the crowd, and it is very exciting to see”

This whole set screams quality, the sets are really easy to use, opening high end mortice locks in 2 to 3 minutes from start to scratch, and the make-up key will allow the locksmith to go into the back of their van and cut a very accurate copy key.

David said: “we do not think that tool quality at TradeLocks prices comes any better than these sets. For us they set the bar, and it gives the locksmith everything they have asked for in terms of quality, ease of use and price”.

UAP TradeLocks will be releasing one of each of the tools every month starting from November 2013, starting with the Legge Black British Standard kit which also decodes the Legge Value and the ASEC mortice locks.

David explains this roll out strategy “we are fully aware from our success with Genuine Lishi that people need time to take in a new tool, play with it, understand it, and learn how to use it properly. So we think a roll out every month makes a great deal of sense, and we can focus any queries or questions on a specific tool rather than jumping about on 6 different ones. We will then use any queries to set up Q&A sections on our web site for each tool. We also know that locksmiths will want to get one of the kits in, and hopefully use that kit and get it returning them profit without overwhelming them with ‘which to buy first’.”

The normal price of each kit is £145 + VAT. But during the first month’s launch of each kit the price will be just £99 + VAT online from

Pat says, “to be able to offer this kit, to the quality that it is, for under £100 + VAT is absolutely incredible, and they will fly out. For any locksmith whoever comes up against mortice locks, these kits are an absolute must, and at the price on offer they are a no-brainer.”

For more information on these tools visit or see them in action on the UAP TradeLocks YouTube channel.