UAP ZeroLift® Advance – The next generation of super smooth cylinders

UAP+ ZeroLift Advance Euro CylinderWe have been busy over the past year working with renowned Locksmith Chris Belcher developing the next generation of super smooth cylinders.  We are now pleased to announce the launch of the UAP ZeroLift Advance.

The new BSi Kitemark TS007:2012 1 star cylinder, which will replace the current UAP ZeroLift euro cylinder, offers extra security and a super smooth turning action. The UAP ZeroLift Advance uses a revolutionary system of timing pins; these control the physical timing when a cylinder is bumped. This system provides us with an anti-bump cylinder that does not contain trap pins.

The timing pins have replaced the previous bullet pin zero lift system and so the new cylinders have a much smoother turn and are very easy to key alike.

The UAP ZeroLift Advance has been developed to give extra security against drilling attacks, all of the pins are made from nickel plated hardened steel to HRC60 and there are three anti-drill pins on each end of the cylinder, one at the front and then a second set in line 2mm behind.

Changes have also been made to strengthen the anti-snap security on the UAP+ model; the sacrificial anti-snap line has been repositioned so that when a snap attempt is made the remaining cylinder lies further back inside the door, this makes it harder to get hold off for a secondary attack.

We have submitted the new cylinder for fire testing and it has achieve a one hour fire rating, making it suitable for all fire doors.

An addition of an eleventh pin to the set has increased our combinations from 68,000 to 800,000, this gives the cylinders a rating of BSi grade 6.

The thumbturn cylinders have the added advantage of a removable thumbturn, meaning you can change them in just seconds.

Zero Lift Advance boxesThe UAP ZeroLift Advance cylinder is available as UAP+, with anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap security, and in the budget range with anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill security. The cylinders are presented in new trade packaging with different colours to represent budget and UAP+.

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