Lishi-Picking Made Easy, Courtesy of UAP TradeLocks

Lishi Workshop #2

The TradeLocks Open Weekend saw locksmiths from across the United Kingdom flock to UAP Limited to partake in informative, invaluable cylinder re-pinning classes and hands-on uPVC door opening demonstrations, all of which were completely FREE of charge. It was a rare and golden opportunity for both eager amateurs and qualified professionals to showcase their skills and learn a thing or two from respected industry greats such as Martin Pink, Chris Belcher and the Master of Lishi himself, Pat McGinn (pictured below). ... read more >

A Record-Breaking Turnout at the 1st TradeLocks Open Weekend

lishi workshop #1

Here at UAP Limited, we were expecting quite a few familiar faces-as well as new acquaintances-at the TradeLocks Open Weekend, and we were certainly not disappointed! In actual fact, over a hundred locksmiths turned up for the TradeLocks Open Weekend, which ran from the 22nd-23rd November, and we saw an incredible surge in sales after both professionals and amateurs participated in informative, educational demos. These fantastic courses were taught by industry legends, who have years of expertise under their belts, and they were more than happy to share their extensive wealth of knowledge with keen apprentices as well as fully-fledged, seasoned specialists. ... read more >

Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tube and Case Demonstration

tubesGenuine Lishi only supplies the most sought-after products on the market, which are thoroughly and meticulously checked before delivery so that they reach you in impeccable condition. In order to keep up with ever- changing trends and developments, Genuine Lishi constantly updates and expands their already impressive collection of quality stock in order to furnish customers with innovative tooling equipment at affordable rates. And one of the most popular items in their extensive catalogue of merchandise is adaptable, resourceful Genuine Lishi NightVision Tube packaging. ... read more >

Have All Your UAP Products Laser Engraved, Including Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tools

lishi 1

Here at UAP Limited we constantly strive to come up with new products and innovative inventions, and develop our range of services and techniques in order to help our customers. Our team of experts are determined to ensure that locksmiths maintain their tools, and if they get lost or stolen then they can be returned to their rightful owner in the quickest time possible, with the help of laser engraving. Laser engraving personalises equipment such as Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 tools (pictured above) and makes it look eye-catching, attractive and unique. If you are a professional locksmith who is looking to make your name in the industry then laser engraving is an absolute must as it is ever so quick and simple yet makes an incredible difference. It only takes a matter of minutes yet transforms products into highly desirable items. We always aim to keep our rates to an absolute minimum, which is why we are considered to be a leading authority when it comes to supplying superior locksmith tooling at affordable prices. ... read more >

MAX6MUM SECURITY is the Full Package


All MAX6MUM SECURITY equipment comes highly recommended by satisfied commercial and domestic customers as it is of the highest standard, and consistently exceeds even the highest of expectations. If you want to safeguard a building such as an office or warehouse then MAX6MUM SECURITY supplies are ideal as they are durable, hard wearing and resourceful. Each and every one of our mortice locks, door knockers and letterplates has been manufactured entirely from scratch with the primary intention of providing customers with a simple solution to security issues. Careful measures are undertaken to prevent common methods for breaking in as MAX6MUM SECURITY equipment comes complete with numerous added security features. ... read more >

KD 900/200 Remotes, Blades and Badges-Why Buy Anywhere Else?

If you have been searching for reliable, resilient supplies which can withstand even the harshest of conditions then KD 900/200 Remotes, Blades and Badges perfectly fit the bill. They have been created for longevity and convenience and consistently deliver the goods, as they offer the high-end user a competitively-priced replacement key, which in turn will reduce costs considerably. KD 900/200 Key Remotes are not original Car Makers keys, but instead are top of the range DIY replacements which have been designed by fully qualified and accredited specialists. Locksmiths and garages do not therefore have to invest in sizeable levels of stock and can easily manage and control their expenditure and keep an eye on outgoings. ... read more >

FREE Genuine Lishi Workshops at the Tradelocks Open Weekend

If you are after top of the range tools which have been specifically and deliberately created for overall effectiveness and simplicity of use, then look no further than Genuine Lishi. Genuine Lishi tools need to be operated in the correct manner if they are to reach their maximum potential and serve the purpose which they are intended for. It is therefore essential that you receive the right training, undertaken from those who specialise in the industry, if you are to take full advantage of the rewards and benefits which Genuine Lishi tools have to offer. The most effective way in which you can learn how to competently handle Genuine Lishi tools is by listening to an expert opinion and attending practical, step-by-step demonstrations, as this gives you hands-on experience with these tools. This enables you to obtain a better understanding of how they function, especially when it comes to manipulating locks. ... read more >

Meet the Legends at the Tradelocks Open Weekend

If you want to seek advice from the best in the business then you are in luck, as leading industry experts such as Chris Belcher, Martin Pink and Pat McGinn will be ready and waiting to answer your questions at the Tradelocks Open Weekend. It is the first event of its kind, and therefore cannot be missed, as there are some rather special surprises in store! As well as a bouncy castle and fun-packed activities for little ones to enjoy, there is also a free hog roast and a fully-stocked beer tent which is open all day long, so you can eat and drink to your heart’s content. The Tradelocks Open Weekend is a celebration of our services and products, which we are both immensely proud of, hence why we are offering lucky participants the golden opportunity to learn inside tricks of the trade from those in the know. ... read more >