The Carat Key Cutting Machine-For Flat and Cruciform Keys

CARAT#2The team at TradeLocks have recently combined forces with another well-known supplier of quality locksmith tools, namely Bianchi; and we really do make a winning team! Bianchi Keyline key cutting machines are considered to be highly desirable among locksmiths from all around the world, as they are a globally-recognised and highly respected company. So we couldn’t be happier to welcome them on board! Every key cutting machine has been designed with the greatest care and attention to detail, and they are incredibly versatile and resilient. So if you are looking for cost-effective locksmith solutions, then Bianchi has the answer!

And one of Bianchi’s most sought-after key cutters is the consumer friendly Carat! The Carat Key Cutter is the ultimate professional key cutting machine for flat keys for cylinder and car locks, as well as cruciform keys. The selection of the jaw side is especially simple, quick and convenient; all you need to do is press the lifting lever in order to rotate the mechanism. You need to keep doing this until the most appropriate face is displayed.

The specific button to start the supplied brush is a guarantee of safety. Moreover, the protection causing hermetic layout facilitates brushing, and prevents swarfs from coming into contact with the transmission mechanisms. It works like an absolute dream, and is ever so easy to get to grips with. Once you have got the hang of things then the Carat Key Cutter will be indispensable.

Safety, convenience, ease of use, rapidity of cutting and flexibility are the main advantages offered to the user, thanks to Carat’s unique, original technological novelties. There really is nothing else like it on the market at the moment!

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